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  1. Do any of you rate my chances this time?? ill keep the club up.
  2. SOOOOOO glad you didn't lose to Derby last night.
  3. There are some great stories throughout the book, ranging from me entering the betting market for one particular job, being considered too good for one and actually receiving a job offer from one club!!
  4. Class - hope you enjoy the book if you get it, sure you will!!
  5. Thank you - much appreciated. And thank you for going to get a copy, hope you enjoy. Sure you will. Let me know what you think.
  6. Yeah they did!! They were absolutely brilliant. It was last October I released it!!
  7. Cheers fella - let me know what you think!!
  8. Thanks mate. It is selling really well. I am actually a secondary school PE teacher so had NO expectations for sales but it is doing ok and reviews and feedback has been brilliant. Hope you enjoy it if you get it; I'm sure you will.
  9. First of all, thank you for allowing me to post on your forum, it is much appreciated. Basically I have written a book that I think your fans might be interested in.Over the last 8 years I have written to EVERY football club in the country (all 92 league clubs and the national team) applying to be their first team manager using funny letters. The book compiles all of my applications and the responses I got from the clubs. Well, those who responded and gave permission. Leicester City were one of the first clubs I applied too and they replied, they were also good enough to let me publish it. 6 of the clubs who replied denied me permission!! Since it came out I've been in a few papers, on a few radio stations including the H and J show on talkSPORT. It is available on Amazon as an eBook for just £2.99 - here is the link - Thanks for allowing me to post and I hope you enjoy it if you have a read. Early reviews have been brilliant. It is also available as a paperback. I am distributing it, for any of your fans in Yorkshire it is WHSmith in Meadowhall and Sheffield. A few football clubs are selling it and it is also on eBay.Thank you everyone and I hope you enjoy it if you take a punt and get it.
  10. I have something I would like to ask about before posting?