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  1. Fair point. Thankfully I missed the opening of the football coverage, but agreed that's just totally unnecessary. From a wider perspective though, there's so many angles to be drawn from this attack; people grieving, people being thanked for their heroics, debating whether there should be more armed police, it's sort of inevitable that media reporting will be prolonged, because there's so much to talk about.
  2. I get both of your points but I just don't see it is an overreaction (from what I've seen). The public in general are getting on as normal, as is Parliament. Just because it could have been worse it doesn't make it any less significant.
  3. I still disagree but I guess there is no right or wrong answer. The majority of people will and are getting on with their day like normal, but it is the media's job to report on incidents like this and where this differs from a drunk driving incident is that this person went out to intentionally kill as many people as possible. The media are acting like it's a big deal because it is a big deal. I'm sure that coverage will be pretty muted after today so I personally don't see how two days of reporting on a terrorist attack in Westminster is an 'overreaction'.
  4. Ridiculous to say that because others have it worse off that we shouldn't be bothered. There was a terrorist attack in London, of course it's saddening, regardless of its inevitability. You can't deny people's right to feel emotional at the death of innocent people just because it was on a 'small-scale'.
  5. Really sad day, oddly gets worse the more times I see it on the news. Like others have said though, it really does make you proud to be British and appreciate the civility of the majority of the population. It's nice to see people are getting recognition for their heroics too.
  6. Why did Micheal Keane ever have a shaved head
  7. He seems to be far from the person that the media (amongst others) portray him to be!
  8. Met Nigel Pearson when I was walking home from school/sixth form when he was at Hull which was a bit weird. Really nice man though and was more than happy to stop and have a conversation.
  9. Are you suggesting that you foresaw his 'potential' when he was playing mediocrely at Blackburn? He's still a very average footballer.
  10. They probably said he was 'shite' because before joining Bournemouth he had scored 8 goals in 74 career appearances, outside of the Premier League. Not great. Even since joining Bournemouth he's only scored 18 in 62 appearances.
  11. I don't understand what the benefit of this would be. Such a weird and completely unnecessary idea.
  12. Fair response to someone seeking medical advice on an internet forum!
  13. Going to Bali mid June and probably should have thought about vaccinations a bit sooner. I've done a little bit of research and it's inconclusive, anyone know a rough idea of what I'll need?
  14. I'm not sure that one average performance from a £50 million player warrants nationwide praise.
  15. Christ, only just realised the extent of the upcoming fixture congestion. Six games in just over two and a half weeks is a bit grim.