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  1. I'll be two rows in front of you, I'll be standing and hoping to climb into the section above me
  2. Confirmation was almost immediately. By the time I closed down the web page they were in my inbox, defo check if they are in your junk mail, checking your card has been charged, did you screenshot or print to PDF when u were on the confirmation page
  3. See you there
  4. On the subject of us all congregating, I have been to Madrid a few times in recent years and there is a great indoor market called mercado de San Miguel and it is right near plaza mayor
  5. I got two emails one straight after the other, did you select the option for eticket. If so check your junk mail
  6. Here's an image of one from the iOS store that 100% works. You may have missed the boat now though, 3 sides of the stadium have completely sold out. The main stand has some single tickets for around €140 if you want 2 together your looking at €500 per ticket. Ticketbis.net is an option, also viagogo is an option but you need to use the vpn for that and use a non .co.uk page, go viagogo.ie works with the vpn
  7. What site did u use, 407 is for the Leicester fans direct through the club
  8. Yes
  9. Yes, it's via the clubs website, just a few clicks through the process
  10. It makes you appear as if you are in Spain. Use google chrome and then in a google search type google chrome free vpn and install one of the options that you get, when installed you will have an icon in the top right of your browser, click it and choose Spain. The internet world then thinks your in Spain.
  11. I had a look on there, it says away fans can buy them but can't wear colours. I guess that means it's with the Madrid fans but will sell tonaway fans
  12. Maybe check with your bank that they are not blocking it
  13. I had that problem on entradas.com but if you go to thhe following website it that doesn't matter, I did have to use the Spanish proxy though. http://atmmadrid-oneboxtm.queue-it.net/?c=oneboxtm&e=atmatbcuartosdefinal&q=2b805cae-af4f-41fb-a1c6-0f5f6bfcd1a8&t=https%3a%2f%2fentradas.clubatleticodemadrid.com%2fclubatleticodemadridchampions%2fen-GB%2fentradas%2fevento%2f6938%2fsession%2f445113%2fstep1r2&cid=en-GB
  14. Etickets, when buying you have the option to select what type you want
  15. I just got tickets direct from Atletico's website in block 307. Had to use a proxy to get a Spanish up address