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  1. Ironic mode on folk; Attending to comments in many forums, you are in semifinals... Never underestimate your enemy (if that word exists in english, sorry). You can enter Atletico forums...and will discover that we repect you very much, though you are the 14th in your league, and we won you in the past several times. This is football, and everything can happen.
  2. You should not be. In fact we are deciding if we should quit competition before being humiliated by you. May be in next hours the Club will communicate this terrible decision. Good luck in semi finals
  3. Difficult matches for sure, this is quarter finals of CL. Great show ahead
  4. Football sense, of course. You will discover those differences, i am sure
  5. And be prepaired. Atletico is not Seville...
  6. Block South should be avoid
  7. I live in Dominican Republic, but i keep my cards, of course, and i travel a lot to see atletico. But this time is not possible. Stadium will be full for sure, as always in Champions League
  8. Yes it is 5% you are right. But normally teams agree bigger amount of needed. Apart from that, seats around are not available for security reasons too. So no many tickets available
  9. If i were in Madrid of course i would go to see the match, but i am 7.000 kms far away...unfortunately
  10. It will not be possible for you to take tickets in our end; we are about 40.000 supporters with season cards, so there will be only 10.000 tickets left. Apart from that, those 40.000 supporters, including me, can buy one extra ticket per card, so...imagine. The only way to assit to the match is to get one of the 5.000 tickets our club will sell to your club, or just to get other tickets from people like me.
  11. Hi there! My cards are all year season tickets; they include Champions League, all matches, i hope semi finals too I can not go to the match, so that´s why i sell. No problem in Atletico stadium wearing scarves or tops from other teams. In fact, Atletico stadium is special...we love football, and we respect teams, this is not Real Madrid or Barcelona stadiums, full of chinese and russian people in silence. You will find real supporters, from years, singing, and the best ambient in Spain you can find.
  12. Hi there! I have 2 season cards (that include this match), both together, in the Calderon Stadium in atlético supporters area, but very calm (families,children, etc). Sector is 423, if you want to check an stadium map. If anyone is interested just write me a message. i just can offer my 2 cards but if needed I can manage to have 4 more in the same sector. thanks