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  1. Marc Coleman is the biggest gobshite ever on social media. Was going around yesterday saying his sources told him Ranieri was being sacked. He is a clown.
  2. Possibly was I put a post up about people glitching.. running in from diagonals and hitting them from like 35 yards and they're either going in, keeper is saving and out for a corner or bar and going to an attack to score...
  3. Someone said everything has changed since the update and I actually believe it. I was on a run of DDWWWWWWWWW 2 draw 9 wins. Now I'm DWDDDDLLL
  4. Think I've won once since this new update lost 3 drawn 5.
  5. Take it you never been Leicester, Chelsea before then? They hate us with a passion/vice versa.
  6. Just played someone ranked 50th in the world, pulled me about all over the place. Lost 3-0. I had 3 shots all tame efforts though... don't mind loosing games like that...
  7. That's why that lad kept going on the diagonal and hitting them from 35 yards out then earlier.... he scored once but other shots were either forcing a save out the keeper or hitting the bar he done it like 4 times.. tried it in the second half but I kept winning the ball back off him and released Vardy.
  8. What's happened??
  9. There's one glitch. Lol.
  10. Why do you get people who play the game just to glitch corners and longshots? Love it when you beat them kind of people because they hate it.. see some people won't know about how to glitch corners or the long shots or how to stop it but if you know...
  11. A cure for cancer hasn't and won't be found because it's a multi million/billion pounds BUSINESS.
  12. X.
  13. EMTrains planning department was sorting all this out last week Papasmurf... I know a few lads who work for them and basically confirmed there will be trains too... it's not like they'd turn down £16(return) x how many thousands get the train will they? They're money grabbing ****ers at the end of the day.
  14. Heard something about Dianna being killed due to her being pregnant with Al Fayed baby?
  15. Name and shame the snake. @Mark @davieG Who gives a shit what he or she thinks he people want a bet let them.