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  1. Xbox one.
  2. Spam where is your boiler situated if I may ask and what boiler did you have before
  3. Wants to stop domination - drafts? Teams change every so many years is the only way you'll stop total domination from the so called big clubs.
  4. I take it you don't like the Catfish then?
  5. The only way to do so would be to have some kind of draft and that would never happen? A wage cap SHOULD AND NEEDS to be introduced though.
  6. So, I have a quote from British Gas will post it up after I get my last quote. They're actually a joke.
  7. Met Gary Lineker last March/April and he's one of the biggest cvnts I've ever met. Arrogant tosspot doesn't even cut it. Ledley King and Ian Wright are lovely people though!
  8. Fancy a game? Wouldn't mind seeing how good I am with someone with a record like yours?
  9. We generally haven't done to badly have we? Arsenal have maintained fourth place but could have won the League if Wenger and the board 'splashed' a little bit more cash
  10. I disagree with this. I said last Season Tottenham and Potch/Levy are building something good. I don't think they'll sell Kane or Alli unless you're talking around £100 million mark each. They've got a good squad and only need one or two more players to become a real title contender. Teams generally do even better when moving to a new Stadium too...
  11. I decided to give this one a miss baring in mind we have Champions League Q/F around the corner also Germany away wont be as good as last years!
  12. Yes! Going TRNSMT Festival, with these Headlining it Catfish and Bottlemen and Kooks on before!
  13. £100k to replace blue seats with white? no way
  14. They were out there for what 2 days? Maybe 3. Hardly worth it. We ran ourselves into the ground past two games players deserve the rest. Back on it next week for Stoke.
  15. IffyMOney is @Grewks I believe? 1808-161-434 Not a bad record on FUT