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  1. Normally March isn't it? I'm tired of pissing about now. I actually want to start a proper game
  2. Odds were around when Claudio was in charge and I think then he was fav or second fav?doesn't take much for a manager to become a favourite as much as £5 could shorten odds they'd follow trading patterns across other sites too. I hear what you're saying but cant see it to be honest.
  3. Not really. I get what you're saying but the odds would have been there before. As soon as the news of the approach came out he went straight into a 11/8 favourite. That's to say if there was even an approach. Managerial betting is an absolute stab in the dark.
  4. No? All the major bookies had Mancini within favourite, second or third favourite as soon as Claudio was sacked.
  5. Who honestly gives a shit what other clubs fans think? Majority of the 'hate' is jealously.
  6. Slowly starting to annoy me with now, especially announcing his political views all over twitter too. I personally don't think there is any need for it!
  7. @Grewks Fancy a game or anyone else on XBOX ONE?
  8. Leicester City fan. Players and Managers come and go, Leicester City will remain here for a long time.
  9. No desire to talk to Leicester City.
  10. You mean the general update a few weeks ago then yes. However I've just played one game on FUT and won 2-0. Having 70% Possession, 15 shots 10 on target to his 30% and 0 shots. Giving Seasons a break for a bit. I play with either Leicester or Tottenham and both teams being on down arrows makes it so much harder to play with.
  11. Can the update please come out now thank you!
  12. Gamer tag? Il add you when I'm back in England...
  13. Grewks you on ps4 or xbox??
  14. Do you think we've got any fans who are that good?
  15. Ian Marshall scored a ****ing great goal at Atletico at Atleticoooo