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  1. Getting up at 0350 for an early shift I'm all for doing away with it all to be honest ?
  2. Low odds on them saying Thracian is a plank
  3. Bit rich
  4. I've just seen someone comment on the story saying that he killed Bambi (in relation to the Ranieri sacking) and that he should accept the consequences. Jesus wept. The internet eh?
  5. There's no point telling this to Thracian though. He's convinced that Stalin is running the place
  6. Not any with more than a couple of brain cells to rub together by the looks of it
  7. I suspect he'd improve with a run in the team but we can't afford time to find that out right now
  8. Just got my guitar wall sorted at home. American Deluxe Strat (Olympic White), Gretsch Pro Jet, Fender Jag (Candy Apple Red), Takamine EN10C, Uke all mounted nicely with just my Weissenborn to figure out how to mount now. A lovely sight when you get home ?
  9. What I particularly enjoyed about that celebration is the West Ham fan clearly mouthing the word 'cvnt' at him in the background
  10. Oh Slim.
  11. Ouch! Benny has had a cracker aswell
  12. Wonderful. He's hands down the best purchase in the last 10 years
  13. Musa. Seriously man!
  14. Phew!
  15. Well again I've got to assume our scouts are thinking further in the future than you or I and have that eventuality covered. I genuinely hope there's no clause and we can just tell any potential buyers to bugger off but it's all just speculation