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  1. Are the FT Mafia the new Swan Lestas?
  2. Not surprised. Disappointed in the shambolic nature of the performance
  3. Pray?
  4. Everything's coming up Milhouse!
  5. Incredible game to watch this!
  6. On Wednesday at least
  7. Not really challenging the conservative elites though is he. Yeah he's brilliant, just shows that idiocy really is no limit these days.
  8. Taking the piss out of 'liberal elites' (presumably you just mean anyone regardless of their 'means' who is centre or left of the political divide) and pandering to 'conservative elites'. What a guy eh!
  9. Assume you will too
  10. Yeah caught that the other night. The amount of pride they seem to take in training to kick people's heads in is pretty disturbing
  11. Nope. He's free to air his opinions just like you are on here.
  12. No good comes from this sort of behaviour
  13. We've got no idea where our next goal is coming from which sorta limits our potential points haul but cheers for hopefully helping
  14. So Vardy's revolting? Could've picked up any tabloid from the last couple of years and got that impression