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  1. He's only 20. Frightening. Played tonight so far like a monster. I feel we can finally put Kante to bed.
  2. There's something about Rudkin that gives me the heebie jeebies! The way he was talking to the owners and then was watching them still after the conversation was over was just frightening!
  3. I actually think CR's sacking has highlighted just how corrupt the media are. The Mirror and similar monstrosities are just bothered about click bait and would say anything to get more views, they're probably the least harmful as most people with an IQ don't take them seriously. The bigger organisations obviously have other agendas being controlled in the shadows. Trump is bang on with his criticism of the media but unfortunately he's just as bad as them with his totalitarian control. "Don't listen to them, they're all fake, listen to me" Yeah alright Donald, everything you say must be true because they're all corrupt!
  4. Great idea. Thanks for organising. How many characters can the message contain? Any guidance?
  5. Well I do now you have explained
  6. ...then maybe you should put me in your block list so you don't see my content.
  7. Made me chuckle, well done sir!
  8. Never did get a new TV off Top...
  9. Football is quite important in some people's lives and besotted is a good term. Is this strange to you? Don't ever move to South America if being besotted by footballing heros offends you in anyway...!
  10. Nige is so at home with us, there's just something about Leicester City and Nige that work. He seems happy and at ease lounging about the place in his tracksuit and ice whites. When I think of Nigel I have an image of him leaning back on his 360 office chair, hands behind head proudly pushing barrel chest gym wear Leicester attire into your face with ice whites resting on the desk and a huge smile on his face. I never see an angry man, anybody who truly knows about NP realises that he is a kind and gentle man with many layers. He's made mistakes but who hasn't? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I think he'll have learned from that season. I think if our owners do speak to him they will have a lot of the boxes already ticked and the discussions will be primarily about maintaining their positive global brand. Nige isn't going to change into some sort of charasimatic media mogul and we shouldn't want that. Yes we don't want him telling the knuckle heads to FOAD on camera, (make sure you do that when no one's listening in future, Nige!) but I'll quite happily see him man handling and bullying opposition players in his technical area. That's not big Nige having a break down as the media would like you to think, that's big Nige taking no s**t off anyone and letting the 22 players on the pitch know who's boss. McCarther had done something out of order and deserved that, fact. What made NP so great is that he is NP. He takes no s**t from anybody and requires the fundamentals first - respect, hard work and discipline. We only want fine tuning if he comes back not a transplant as there's very little I'd change about him. I can't wait to see him giving an interviewer a hard time and hearing opposition fans saying what a grumpy sod he is while I smile and think of that image of him smiling in my head and knowing the real truth.
  11. Come on @stez!
  12. Ha, touche! to be fair it showed up in that "recent topics" section and I feared the worst!
  13. Did you really have to start a new thread to say this?
  14. Completely disagree with this thread. Just look at the quality of the following article. Informative, well researched, balanced need I say more?...
  15. I think it's part and parcel of football. If they got a 2 year contract on let's say 30k a week, got us relegated and got the chop in July, they'd be leaving with £2m pay off.