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  1. Dip it in and go up and down. It's all part of the job.
  2. I've been using it today. I've got clunch all over my hands.
  3. America was founded by non conformists so although they are more religious than us there isn't an official church in America like we have the CoE here.
  4. Or even Foxestalk.
  5. Buying a really thick fcking jumper?
  6. CNN
  7. I'm pretty sure the Russians admitted in the 90s that they found Hitlers body, part cremated, in his bunker at the time and still have parts of his skeleton.
  8. I seriously believe it's the worst thing I've ever seen on TV.
  9. Anyone watching Common Sense on BBC2? Crikey, it's awful.
  10. A customer of mine has picked a Farrow and Ball colour "clunch" I've got to go to the merchants tomorrow and ask for 5 litres of clunch.
  11. I think the average WTO tariff is 2.5%, something like 10% on cars which is a lot of money on a Range Rover. This is all from the press coverage of Brexit, I'm sure you've read similar.
  12. I believe we already export pork and dairy products to China. There's a lot of people there, they all need to eat. If tariffs are only half a percent then we don't have a lot to worry about being outside the single market.
  13. Jaguars, Range Rovers, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, designer goods, whisky, gin, financial services, pharmaceuticals, various different foods. I'm sure there are others.
  14. We're the same distance from them as they are from us.
  15. It's a lot simpler when it's just two countries and you don't have to appease the vested interest of 28 different countries.