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  1. So do I.
  2. Just glad the phoney war is over and we can get on with it now. It's been dragging on too long now.
  3. They'll have to send on a sub.
  4. If you add up all the votes and not the number of voters it's 280 91 divided by 280 times 100 = 32.5%
  5. We get the benefit of him playing in our team and the benefit of selling him for a profit. If we didn't sign him we wouldn't get either.
  6. Happened again today, if it happens next time I've got to go back to normal blood donors. They stopped it after 5 minutes and the wife didn't pick me up for an hour and a half .
  7. Well it's not a common occurrence on here.. When people were discussing Danny Simpson's case nobody tried to blame the wife. Ched Evans was found not guilty on appeals but nobody blamed the victim. I'm sure there are misogynists but they're not as common as some would have you believe.
  8. Do you honestly think people in pubs up and down the country are talking about rape cases? People talk about football, what they've seen on the telly, which politicians are w@nkers. Deep philosophical questions are the preserve of internet forums, not normal life.
  9. Honestly? No.
  10. It's not that widespread though is it? 95% of the population don't consider this an issue and think the judge was talking common sense.
  11. It wasn't an attack on you, just what you were saying.
  12. I'm sure your moral high mindedness will one day eradicate all crime. In the meanwhile I'll tell my daughters not to have too much to drink.
  13. No I'm not.
  14. I've got 3 daughters, when they go out I tell them to be careful, not because I think they're wanton sluts who are desperate to be raped but because I worry about them. I don't want them raped full stop, saying it was the rapist's fault would be absolutely no consolation . I rather I didn't happen at all and if that means not making yourself an easy target then so be it.
  15. Would these women be in less danger if they could run away, scream or fight back against the racist?