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  1. The players want Pearson Back they deserve FUCH all they cheated the owners fans and Claudio by pi55 poor performances because they fell out with Claudio,putting Pearson back in charge because of player power puts over that it's ok to cheat us with their throwing of games and bitching about Claudio !!
  2. I Rather have Keith Harris and orvil than have Pearson back !!
  3. I'd rather have Lilly Savage !!
  4. Nooooooo !! Mancini Top and Vichai seen meeting in Morrisons cafe with cappuccino and a slice of cake !!
  5. It's like some people are besotted by Pearson like the girlfriend they lost and can't get over losing !! FFS if that man was to return and I really hope he doesn't we will become even more of a laughing stock than we are now !! It would be like the owners holding their hands up and say they were wrong for sacking the ostrich in the first place and I'm sure and hoping they keep well away from him !!
  6. Why do people keep dragging up the past Pearson was a liability and when he was sacked before it was due to the fact that the owners could no longer work with him he thought he was bigger than the club all the spats with the press calling people ostriches was just embarrassing!!
  7. Back to the future !! wish we could go back and persuade Kante not to be a Cnut and ditch us for Chelski,anyone got a Delorian and a spare fluxcapacitor lying about anywhere???
  8. All this could be a smoke screen as a few papers are quoting as sayining Hiddink and Mancini are in for the role !!
  9. But there's a reason he's still out of work he falls out with everybody Nigel Pearson would fall out with his own Shadow!!?? A reason Dierby Parted ways with him a while ago the bloke could start a fight in an empty room!! We have to look forward not backwards and it smells of desperation even talking about having him back,what Nige did for us was superb and I for one thank him for what he has done for us in the"PAST" the man is a liability!! Thanks Nige but no thanks !
  10. Pearson back NO NO NO NO NO !! we should be looking forward not backwards!!
  11. I just wish the club handled it in a totally different way after what this gentle guy did for us last season,I feel it would have been better for the owners to have asked Claudio to resign therefore limiting the fall out as his sacking has bought upon the club I think he deserved that at least !?
  12. Just seen the sky sports clip when Claudio went back to the training ground to say his goodbyes and the sky reporter asking him that question "Do you feel like you've been stabbed in the back Claudio?" Cant these guys just leave him alone to get on with his plans? And as for naming and shaming I started this post a bit pissed off with the players and the owners and was written after a few glasses of beer, I have respect for a lot on here and I agree that Claudio is bigger than that and we will likely never know who is to blame unless someone at the club whistleblows for a payoff ? But as usual a great mix of comments on a subject that's close to all our hearts,and we definitely hope the club finds a new replacement soon and makes the right choice and not one we're in this same situation again ?
  13. More like the Daily Sport !!
  14. By all accounts the Daily Snail and the Scum are quoted as saying! "leaving Demari Gray on the bench and playing Musa was the final nail in Claudio's coffin" Apparently the players were bemused by Gray not starting ahead of Musa, when in fact Gray has shown great improvement and changed games when he played ! We will never really know what went on behind closed doors at the KP, the fact Claudio lost his job to reported player power Rudkin power whatever. But I honestly wished the club would have handled this better than they did as Claudio's sacking has turned us from world loved to world hated !
  15. That's probably one reason why he's lost his way this season spending far too much time on something other than what he is paid mega bucks for and underachieving at ??