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  1. He's probably devalued in price with his form this season,but let's hope the owners don't let him go on the cheap or I'm wondering if the owners will make him see out most of his contract I for one really hopes he stays ! Just wondering really come The summer how many of our stars will be with us next season? One player I really hope we pull out all the stops to keep is KASPER he is the pinnacle to our success,Slimani has disappointed this season same with Musa who looked superb against Barcelona then his form dipped and disappeared!! But I'm hoping Mahrez does show a bit of loyalty and stays but some I'd gladly drive to the airport !!
  2. Some really decent play from us Lallama is a greedy fooker surely we have better midfielders than him and Livermore ? mind you I do like the look of Keane his havingba great game, and thenpundits slating Vardy for going down fook em !!
  3. I know Emma Willis'a mom I worked with her met Emma a couple of times she's as gorgeous in the flesh as she is on tv and those eyes of hers you could drown in !
  4. I see Mahrez's super strike v Hammers didn't make the Premier league goal of the week competition? It was a wonderful meant to score strike on goal wasn't a cross honestly !!
  5. Should be definitely given a huouge pay rise to keep him here but unfortunately we can't offer him what Real Madrid etc can offer him,regular Champions League football he's shown he's superb under pressure against the European teams and has had a wonderful Champions League debut. I really hope he stays but could we really stand in his way to better himself,I really hope we're following a contingency plan by scouting his replacement as this next keeper to follow KASPER has some really big gloves to fill.
  6. One on one with the keeper he should have buried that chance very disappointing in his performance if only a Small one today,he could have taken the pressure of us by burying that attempt !!
  7. Sorted !!
  8. Squeaky bum Time !! COME ON CITY !!
  9. Nasri had payback for what he's been doing to other players for so many years the guy spat his dummy out of his pram when shown red ,also I thought Jamie Vardy handled it well Nasri trying to wind him up after his red to get him to bite but fair play to Vards he just calmly walked away something he wouldn't probably have done a while back!! Samir Nasri upset with his Red Card!! When Beaker went head to head with Vardy !!
  10. Well let's hope he wakes up from his footballing Slumber and start banging in those goals again,Starting tomorrow's game v those hammers and pop a few goals to pay back Karen Brady's lame posts in that national Scumpaper where she slated us !!
  11. Of all the bloody Dream years we're in the champions league and when we get to our Dream champions league final it's in Fuching Cardiff Fuching Cardiff FFS CARDIFF No Bernabau but Cardiff ?? well not far to travel tho !!
  12. Payback for all those years ago and a bunch of corrupt dodgy officials,surely can't see that happening again?? I FUCHING HOPE NOT !! COME ON YOU MIGHTY FOXES !!
  13. This one will be a tight cheeky one nil written all over it !! Hopefully for us !!
  14. Ahh just get Huth to out of sight of the officials etc and knobble him down the tunnel before the game Bosh no Ramos !! He slipped on his laces honestly gov !!
  15. Well whoever we play we only have to blow the bloody doors off !!