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  1. Living the dream.
  2. You had one job.
  3. Would advise people without strong stomachs to avoid - they're not pleasant
  4. Looks like they mounted the pavement on Westminster bridge, mowing people down before crashing into the fence just opposite Portcullis House. Appears that people are injured inside the Parliamentary Estate too. Being treated as a terrorist incident until more information is clear.
  5. This popped up on my Facebook timeline from when I was living in Cape Town last year with Americans, Swiss, Dutch, Italian, Romanian and German women. It was my turn to choose the team name We came third and yes, he did read the name out.
  6. That's an amazing stat and shows you just how important it is to start the game well. There were times in our bad run that we were playing relatively OK but the heads just dropped after conceding a goal and they couldn't exert any control over the game. Also, they were crap. Such a shame that Claudio stifled them so much because it could have been so different this season. The way we started the Liverpool game I just knew we'd score first and not lose.
  7. Last week I was in block M1 where the away fans usually sit for the Sevilla match. Not a single person in my block sat down for the whole match. It was the best atmosphere I've ever been part of. There is definitely demand for rail seating and I can see it being a big success. Convert SK1 and I can see many other blocks wanting it too.
  8. I think we have to resign ourselves to losing our best players. Last summer it was an amazing coup to get them all to stay except for Kante. It was very disappointing that he left and was a major long term blow, now Ndidi is part of the team I can't have any hard feelings (especially after he came to watch us beat Sevilla - what a guy). Next summer though I won't begrudge anyone leaving because they stuck with us for this season. Kasper, Mahrez and possibly Vardy Drinkwater and Gray will all have people sniffing around them and I think we have to make peace that at least 2 of them are likely to leave. I don't think Vichai will let Mahrez leave for anything less than an astronomical fee - upwards of £60m at the very least and hopefully to a big European side rather than an English team. He seems like a family man so would certainly put this first in any consideration. Isn't his wife British? If he leaves, Gray should get his place. Kasper will be in demand at many clubs so the world is his oyster really. He appears to be really down to earth though and will again put his family situation first - I think he still lives in Cheshire and commutes to training everyday so he'll almost certainly consider it if Liverpool or either of the Manchester clubs come in for him. I have no idea how we could replace him though. We desperately need RB cover and a good CB or two. If we keep playing to his strengths then Wes has at least one more good season in him. This is Maci's's real test and he did a great job with Ndidi. It all depends on what happens with Shakey - he must stay at the club whatever happens; the only issue I have with making him full time manager would be risking having to fire him if we struggled.
  9. We did get promoted immediately but then relegated straight away, and spent the next decade in the Championship mid table, relegation to League One and then lurking in and out of the play offs until the Thais brought Nigel back. Building the Walkers (plus ITV Digital and Dennis Wise/Eric Hall) pretty much bankrupted us and left us in financial oblivion until Mandaric arrived to try and sort us out, which he sort of did despite Hollyway taking us down to the 3rd division for the first time. Looking back it's actually the best thing that ever happened to us in terms of what it led to - 10 years of abject misery until the Thais took over and started to rebuild, 5 years from then until we became Premier League Champions. It wasn't pleasant at the time but without that 15 year struggle we wouldn't be able to enjoy the lunacy of last season as much - we as fans earned it more than Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal fans will ever understand.
  10. Form an Arsenal fan site: http://paininthearsenal.com/2017/03/21/arsenal-alex-oxlade-chamberlain-departure-damaging-mesut-ozil-alexis-sanchez/ While only Vardy know how he truly feels, for him to suggest that he would have played as poorly if spearheading the Arsenal as he has been spearheading Leicester’s is shortsighted. Although Leicester are champions of England, it would be in North London where Vardy would be playing with the far superior calibre of player. It is difficult to envisage how a striker of his lethal finishing ability does not take advantage of the creativity and attacking flair of the Arsenal midfield, even if they pass the ball a little slower and less direct than Vardy would ideally like. The struggles that he has had this season prove that his decision to spurn Wenger’s advances was the wrong one. He may not regret the decision but he should. Arsenal fans really are utterly demented aren't they?
  11. Come to think of it the fella was limping slightly.
  12. Haha thats awesome where abouts is that?!?
  13. Bloody Nora. If I could get my hands on that........
  14. As is this:
  15. Was in Namibia after we won the league. Parked up in Windhoek with my City flag proudly displayed in the back of the car, a parking attendant noticed it and showed me his collection of "Makalani seeds" - seeds for local pine trees that are about the size of a conker. They carve animals out of the 'skin' and sell them as mementos to tourists, writing your name. They guy loved the whole Leicester City story (he said he supported Liverpool) so I got him to make one for me: Basically, a completely unique memento that only cost me 80p. Really chuffed with it.