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  1. It was posted on Facebook and Twitter from LCFC yesterday, and they have now deleted it.. bizzare
  2. Kapustka is that you?
  3. I shall get some prices. It was working out around €325 for 6 which is very expensive I'll come back to you .. the thing is the 8.05 train is only €24 so don't think we'll get cheaper than that
  4. 6 of us on the same flight as you, from Luton? That's 9 spaces if anyone is thinking of sorting one?
  5. Funny how we're playing in the CL and people are waiting to see if it's worth getting tickets in what will be the only time in our history in this position. Have my home ticket and will go even if we lose 5-0 on Wednesday.
  6. We're on our wayyyy We're on our wayyyy To the last 16, we're on our wayyy How did we get there? I don't know Follow the boys and Claudio Pack your bags cus Leicesters on the way.....!! This is what is sung in L1.
  7. I bet you do, but it isn't cheap either
  8. How did he force you to quit?
  9. Why did you need to come on here for info in June re Vardy? Why not ask your mate then? bullshit
  10. Yeah same flight. We're going straight to Seville to get the travelling out of the way ??
  11. On the same flight there and back as me and 6 others, one too many of us !
  12. hope so otherwise ill be selling my ticket over there
  13. ive got one too just a few of my mates can't till tomorrow. No reason as to why atleast 50 won't be available tomorrow, but will be a free for all
  14. not many have been sold at all the last few hours. Those that wanted to go with these priorities would have purchased by now
  15. 65