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  1. I have an inflatable dinosaur that I found at the Everton home game last season
  2. I cannot help unfortunately
  3. Add to Copenhagen that they have only lost one competitive game since last May (against us) and beat Ajax at home last week
  4. Was looking forward to listening to this on my way home from work last night and it was embarrasing. Whether its his genuine beliefs or what the station want him to say, who wants a job where you have to make yourself out to be an utter cretin to the nation? I only listened to it for about 20mins, for a national radio station it was embarrasing. Playing a laughter sound effect when Leicester fans suggested they could win the CL? Who wants to phone up to have their say and then not be allowed to make their point when that complete twat butts in constantly, and then won't let the caller (or his sidekick for that matter) carry on with what they're saying because he is demanding that they answer his bullshit, irrelevant yes/no question. Perfect example would be someone phoning in to say we can win it, why not? He laughs. Caller tries to explain why he thinks we can win it, the host then keeps cutting him short because he is constantly demanding a yes or no to the question "Do you think you WILL win the CL" I doubt our fans think we WILL win it but after all this club has achieved in the past 12 months, this is the last club you would write off isn't it? He is Paul Merson-esque. I don't listen to the show enough but I bet you could find a load of things he has so confidently written off only for them to go and happen. Three weeks ago after our brilliant result, a result I think most of us would have ripped their arm off for, he was saying it wasn't a good result. We are going to be knocked out even with our away goal because we aren't going to keep a clean sheet at home. Fair enough the form book would suggest so, but stranger things have happened in football than a team keeping a clean sheet against a better side, for e.g May 2nd 2016???? Not to predict it but just to so arrogantly and smugly tell us we're going to concede a goal which will write off our away goal.
  5. I swear most of the "On this day" comparisons for the past year all seem to involve playing Millwall
  6. I have a walking yellow card at LB and DM. By don't tackle hard I presume you mean the drop down menu in opposition instructions? And not just stay on feet in team instructions?
  7. Advice on how not to get every player booked in every game every season?
  8. I remember you joining the forum when we were linked with an Israeli player, who was it again?
  9. I can't believe what i've just seen Last season before the winter break I was about 4th in the league. My last game before the winter break was away to Viktoria Plzen. I lost 8-0. After that I struggled a lot in the league despite still finishing 6th, this season my struggles have continued and I found myself 15th,albeit it with my form improving heading into the last game before the winter break at home to Plzen. I've just smashed them 8-0
  10. I finished 6th which on the whole is brilliant, however I won only about 2 of my last 15 games, drew about 7 of them. Continued to try and improve my team with other top division out of contract rejects. Also spent a total of 500k on 3 or 4 players. Did I read on here someone say they always see the top team in a country fall from grace? Sparta Prague were 14th (/16) at Christmas but hired Manuel Pellegrini obviously and they recovered to 5th.
  11. Is this news really any different to any other random manager that wants to join us that we may actually have no interest in?
  12. Whereas Drinkwater hit his because he knew it would go in
  13. Halfway through the season and somehow i'm 4th, 3 pts off the top with the Champions Sparta Prague struggling 2pts above the drop zone. I lost 3 of my first 4 but i'm unbeaten since including a convincing 3-0 win away at Sparta and a 2-1 win at home to surprise leaders Teplice. My u19 team, all of which was last seasons youth intake are doing brilliantly at the top of their best youth division. Most of my intake were very very highly rated but i'm not sure just how good they will turn out to be because my scouts aren't the greatest.
  14. This bloke perfectly sums up my thoughts when I get asked why i'm not surprised that Ranieri was sacked https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=nnlm_DPVpng