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  1. Thanks Rebekah.
  2. Liverpool are shit.
  3. F##k you Lcfc
  4. So a reluctant Hiddink is a better option than sticking with Claudio. We'll have Levein and Bassett on the shortlist next.
  5. Pearson had no idea for the best part of 29 games. Cambiasso inspired the 9 game run whilst Pearson lost the plot strangling players on the touchline, arguing with fans and sidelining the likes of Albrighton. If Pearson is the only option then might aswell stick with Shakespeare. Pearson is a lunatic.
  6. Thank you for this. I took my 10 year old to the house today as he had a goodbye letter for him. Housekeeper said he was in Italy for at least a week. My little ones face when the door opened... He has 2 doorbells. Presumably a dilly ding and a dilly dong.
  7. Met Marc a couple of times, he's a genuine honest guy who wouldn't be involved in any of it. He gets his head down and gets on with things.
  8. A picture of Rebekah Vardy and Craig Shakespeare in a passionate embrace.
  9. Southend 91/92 season. August at the seaside. Tommy Wright and Walshie with 2 late goals to win it.
  10. It must be absolutely rock bottom behind the scenes if we have let the Don go without anyone else talking to us. He must have shit on Susan Whelans desk and then been caught having a tommy tank over the Thai video
  11. It's long been a business and no longer an exciting sport. Fans are considered to be something that the business can easily target and bleed dry, that 'season ticket holder' status for some is a boast of there unswerving alliance to a club but the reality is its a club that cares so little about them. 'We are in this together' was the strapline once used by LCFC...It couldn't be further from the truth. It's all about TV Deals, brand exposure and fleecing you dry and into debt in some cases. Claudio has made his millions, and made the club millions too. He is a nice guy. Deserved better but there's no honesty, integrity and common sense anywhere in Football now.
  12. 16 pages and no one has mentioned Karl Robinson Would love O'Neill and Keane just to see the players shit themselves on the car park when they roll up. 5000/1 shot!
  13. It's what they haven't had all season. That was Ranieris downfall....it's probably when he started to get angry that they went running to the owners. They'll play out of the skins for sure, trying to impress a new boss until they fold on him too.
  14. Bunch of overpaid W%%kers in the most part, they don't need support they need a almighty kick up the arse.
  15. If we had finished 17th last season would he have been sacked? Those players have shit on him, you know it, I know it. Mahrez strolling about, Drinkwater passing backwards, Morgan absolutely dreadful. Claudios downfall was showing loyalty for too long. I sincerely hope his replacement tears into them.