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  1. Not seen Zingari or Bonedog post for some time. Maybe they're the same person?
  2. Rub it in why don't you!
  3. This is EXACTLY what we need! Someone who can repeatedly hit the crossbar.
  4. I did mine off the top of my head and thanked everyone successfully... except my wife! Hope you have a great day!
  5. Anyone else playing The Last Guardian? I heard tell of crawling frame rates when outside, but I've not noticed any huge slow down. The camera angles can be a annoying, but I seem to remember this also being an issue for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus too. I'm loving it! The beauty of the art, the music, but most of all the relationship between boy and beast. Trico is by far and away the best AI companion ever, not least because it doesn't always do what you tell it. Ask Trico to do something stupid or pointless and the quizzical look it gives is brilliant. Worth the wait I'm thinking.
  6. Cthulhu? Do tentacles count?
  7. It's not the dog's that's the problem, it's irresponsible owners who think that their 15 stone, slobbering, snarling, mastiff that has you pinned to the wall is just being a normal dog and that training it would cruelly suppress it's natural instincts.
  8. There's no maybe about it.
  9. Let's turn the tables and buy someone from the Chinese Super League. BOOM! The big boys come to town!
  10. It was unlucky for snow.
  11. If I remembered rightly Liverpool hadn't been beat at home for 2 or 3 seasons and no one had done the double over them in even longer, which we also did by beating them at Filbert St. Didn't stop us getting relegated of course.
  12. "Filbert St"'s proper name was the City Stadium, as born out by old road signs on Burnmoor St. The new of a ground though will be whatever fans choose to call it.
  13. OP, you need to change your name to Always Last Year (for the next 11 1/2 months anyhow.)
  14. Bang average is mid-table, which I'd take right now.