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  1. What helps you unwind? I'll start off with the whole of this album...
  2. Been out, said my bit, chilling by the fire with a glass of Glenfarclas, listening to some Air.
  3. Wonder how many Liverpool fans are fearing the bounce effect on Monday.
  4. He was too nice... I'd have given Stringer short shrift!
  5. No. For how he handled it. General consensus was he tried to excuse his sons actions, when the fact is, he shouldn't even have been here in the first place, because he was never good enough. We haven't got room for nepotism. As for Allardyce, why would we want that perennial underachiever? Palace played better under Pardew. Oh, wait... you were talking about Alderyce? Didn't realise, what with my head being in the sand and all.
  6. That would be like saying what he got sacked for previously is now acceptable. Clearly not going to happen.
  7. If there's n truth in the accusations, maybe the players, certainly those who have been named, should sue the news outlets who have said as much. Doubtless though, such accusations have been bracketed by words such as "allegedly" and "it is rumoured" to cover their sorry asses.
  8. The perfect emoticon for this thread.
  9. You mean his dedication to flattening as many Leicester goalies in one match as possible.
  10. Corrected your post for you.
  11. Where's the, "didn't want him sacked, but understand why" option?
  12. Cheers, just listened to it.
  13. Don't shoot me down, but Nick Platnauer wasn't in work this morning... coincidence? Just putting 2 and 2 together.
  14. What is your opinion of Chic Bates?