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  1. Did previous PotUS always sign new orders with such a media circus? I don't remember seeing one, but every time Trump has made a major new order or repealed an old one, it's a photo shoot with him sat there, pursed lips with an over earnest expression on his face looking like a schoolboy trying to impress teacher.
  2. Oooooop norf!
  3. Where's the salad cream?
  4. Corrected for historical accuracy.
  5. He's an angry, old, man.
  6. Vardy Gray Mahrez
  7. My bad guys, thought he joined the previous Jan.
  8. You should move to Finland, it would blow your mind!
  9. When we signed Gray it looked like we were headed to join Birmingham. He just wanted to put himself in the Premiership market and given the circumstances, we probably didn't want to give him a relegation release clause, so this allowed us to make a very reasonable profit should someone come knocking. For all we know, many of these players of other teams you're referring to may have release clauses, but no one wants to buy their crap.
  10. Ranieri's ruin.
  11. We are Leicester City and players who come here aren't going to come here if they think they could get trapped here. Without the release clauses, many of the players we currently have wouldn't even be here. Hence release clauses.