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  1. Remember meeting Conrad out in Liquid/Envy a few years back when it was heaving with schlaaaaags and it was the night before a game. He was drinking away and told us we had to keep it quiet , loved it, he genuinely didn't give a shit did he?
  2. That'll be the end of Musa I reckon.
  3. What a ****ing save that is.
  4. If we survive this it'll be a miracle.
  5. Just remembered Lauri Dalla Valle, so I'm going to sign him purely for the nostalgia.
  6. Ended up in Finland as TPS and they've only got bloody Mika Aaritalo. What an absolute blast from the past, he used to become immense and now he's playing part time in the Finnish second division.
  7. I have this feeling Mahrez actually likes living in Leicester and is settled with his family and stuff.
  8. Start unemployed. See who wants me. Work my way to the top, taking whatever jobs I fancy. I haven't had a decent save on 16 or 17 so this is sort of a last hurrah for me for a while if it doesn't go well.
  9. Right, I'm starting a Journeyman save. Let's do this.
  10. Well deserved. Imagine paying 50m for John Stones.
  11. It's going to be sad seeing this Monaco side get torn to shreds this summer. If they kept this side together for a few seasons they'd be some side.
  12. You know it was a good night when Thracian posts only a couple of sentences!
  13. This kid is going to go far.
  14. I don't think there's a thing that man could do which'd make me dislike him. He's absolute class.
  15. Our fans are going to be well up for it. Think it's going to be well tasty tonight.