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  1. The fact that we pressed from the start and started with a high intensity gave the fans something to go at! Much improved atmosphere yesterday and West Ham fans were the worst we've had down here all season I reckon.
  2. Better yesterday, mainly due to an improved work rate and actually looking interested. Incredible what that can do aye! Although, if we stick to this system, Vardy would be straight in for him.
  3. Same team for me, only change I would consider would be King or Okazaki in for Gray or Mahrez, just to slot in a touch deeper behind Slimani and give us that extra man in the middle when on the back foot and to stop their CDM's playing. Other than that, hopefully another performance like yesterday, on the front foot from the start and pressing high up the pitch. Albrighton on the right too, please!
  4. That's the point though, it's the lack of consistency. Noble's was identical to Huth's, one was a yellow, the other not even a free kick - if anything, Noble's was worse.
  5. Some strong sources saying £2.5million bid been placed
  6. Holloway is a prized cock, and that's not just for getting us relegated. Unfunny tosser who's only credible achievement was getting a wild Blackpool side to the Prem somehow. Hope he leads QPR to League 1, him and QPR go hand in hand.
  7. 3 team groups with 2 teams progressing - load of crap. Blatter wouldn't have stood for this.
  8. Swansea will get Pearson in. Swansea will stay up as a result.
  9. After reading through this and his treatment of Chilwell it further highlights just what a poor signing he is. Terrible attitude and players with attitudes like that would have no place in any team of Pearson. Get rid and build back the harmony and team spirit that's been damaged by poor summer signings and the creation of a squad far too big and lacking any balance whatsoever.
  10. We go down or not our club will still be there for years to come.
  11. No
  12. It's frustrating that we can all see that we shouldn't be playing 4-4-2, that our central midfield isn't good enough, that we need to press higher up the pitch, that Albrighton isn't a left winger and that Gray needs to be more involved. How long until he realises this though?
  13. And yet again.. I'll say Simpson is only PART of the problem. Do you get that bit now? Obviously a centre midfield who have an influence on a game, a manager who realises that 4-4-2 isn't working and that we need to press higher up the pitch, or that Albrighton isn't a left winger would also help.
  14. OK, perhaps Danny Simpson won't look out of place for us when we're mid table championship next season