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  1. I'd just upgrade gray and give him a starting spot.. buy another young winger and repeat the cycle..
  2. There's two problems with this: 1. He's been woeful for a large part of this season 2. It's been a long held ambition of his to play for Barca... if they come knocking then there's every chance we risk another ulloa situation by denying him. Sure, we can play hardball like we did with ulloa but ulloa was at the time a fringe player a 30 -50 million sitting in the stands is no good to anyone and will substantially decrease in value over time...
  3. Spence is very highly thought of over here...
  4. My little boy when he was a bit yonger used to pronounce ; 'appreciate it' as peashit
  5. third place play-off?
  6. Sean Dyche is ITK about this and according to him it will cost 'many pound notes'
  7. Drinky was interviewed about that and i remember him saying that when Huthy wants to take a free kick there's not really anyone who can stop him
  8. Fish and chips are on home soil here...
  9. Burrito v fish and chips needed to be the final
  10. fast forward to about 30 seconds of this song and for years i thought he said " Don't fu ck me up"
  11. Pie or paella?
  12. First Kante, then Mahrez, vardy had a chance to go to a top team too.. What a truly special team we had last year.....
  13. It would also give him a lot more space... he wouldn't be the one to man mark or kick out of the game....
  14. I think what you mean is that it really doesn't matter to you - thats not really a statement you can make on behalf of others.