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  1. Never wrong to post this again!
  2. I think if we are all being honest with ourselves, it was the right decision. It's just that their is so much love for what he did and indeed for him as a person for how he carries himself, that the emotions of it all can cloud judgement and opinion. it hurts that it came to this and I just wish he wasn't such a bloody nice person!
  3. Looks like the cov player at the end says to him " are you going to try moving then?"
  4. that's fantastic!
  5. Kind of like the transfer section when it is just for a short amount of time? Pretty much everything else is being drowned out... i know it's big news and everything... but it's hard to really find anything else!
  6. Nah, he'll do a special in the OK! Magazine
  7. Between them, they could have a kid that can see straight...
  8. You better hope and pray that he makes it safe back to his own world...
  9. Firstly and most importantly, i hope she gets the helps she needs. I hate it that she has these spells and hope they can get to the bottom of it... It has to be an obvious one - some sort of internet buisness.. an ebay shop... or selling british products online to ex-pats all over the world.... Maybe something like buy boxes of all the rarest/ nicest coffees in the world and you could become the one stop shop for people searching for rare drinks/ rare k-cups. Low overheads ( kept in boxers in the spare room) = can sell it cheaper Just ideas off the top of my head, like....
  10. You are! ( think about it... how could i possibly genuinely insinuate you are gay knowing you have searching through rachel rileys knicker draw up there on your profile?)
  11. says the man who has ' his location as ' searching through rachel riley's knicker draw' as his location!
  12. Go to Hank Marvins last post..all the way to to the right of the offending picture is the thumb up/ rep point box, underneath the signature line is a little x and a drop down box, select the option to ignore hank marvins signature ( although i think this option only works on pc and not on the mobile version(
  13. Think you're taking my answers too seriously!
  14. why you posting that? No one is looking for a relationship with her you know?
  15. I swear to God, if he comes back and is paraded onto the pitch, if there is not an instant pitch invasion to lift him up in the air