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  1. Long live Andy King
  2. Oh god... this is akin to putting Grandad in a home isn't it 😔
  3. To answer the thread topic question, without reading any other posts... Claudio wouldn't would he anyway, so surely that's discussion closed 😝
  4. The end of Corybn is nigh... surely?
  5. If you watched the Sevilla game on TV, you may recall before the game a shot of Claudio with Shakey leant on the corner of the dugout looking rather unimpressed. We also have to wonder now whether Steve Walsh's move to Everton was a sign?
  6. Its akin to a final written warning. I was baffled a lot of our fans on here didn't understand that then and some even now with the benefit of hindsight.
  7. Because if someone backs them it's easy money for them.
  8. So you may understand the writing was on the wall really - the vote of confidence was all about seeing if it would provoke a change, both in Claudio and the players. I imagine one thing Arsene has reasonably had throughout is the backing of players, especially given the churn of the squad, but this is why he's coming under increasing pressure now - the players are questioning him. Same here with Claudio and as sad as it is to say, they had some justification.
  9. Comes to something Roberto when you have to your yourself for a job on a fans forum. Hows the wife, hope she's well.
  10. Be interesting to know where you stand on the Wenger situation before quantifying this post 😂
  11. They arguably did that to appoint him in the first place! Can you really see them being impressed by Pardew in an interview - a manager who lost the dressing room in his most recent job? "What can you do for us Mr Pardew?" with no words, Alan flings off his jacket, pulls off his trousers, leaving him in a knitted jumper and leather cod piece... "do you want me to lap dance for ya?"
  12. Our owners aren't stupid!
  13. The beginning of the end was the Chelsea game... made some bizarre substitutions and followed it up with the Southampton debarcle.
  14. In a way, this decision means Claudio's status as a legend stands a chance of remaining intact. We're not in the relegation zone, still in with a fighting chance to go through in the Champions League - the owners have taken one monumentally brave decision in order to deflect any resulting shit storm caused be relegation being flung largerly towards Claudio's direction and instead put their heads on the chopping block, not for the first team. it should also be considered, as owners they have surely achieved more than their wildest dreams so it would be very easy for them to go through the motions now before moving on - this sacking at least shows they maintain that desire to win and progress the club further. Many in and outside the club will question this decision without considering relevant factors - for me, I applaud the daring and boldness of the decision and understand the merits of making it, so respect it even if there's a little regret that it had to come to this.
  15. Avram Grant is the next on the ex Chelsea list isn't he? Without a club too... although I hear there's a Danger Mouse film in production so he could be busy?