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  1. Given how hard Obama had to fight to get the legislation in place in the first place, I'm pleasantly pleased that it gets to live a little longer at least. Its also an interesting turnaround, given the Republicans castigated the original Obamacare bill when it was put forward. At that time they had managed to move some popular disent against the unknown, where as now there's popular discord against scraping the original bill, so it just goes to show how hollow politicians can be when votes are riding on an issue.
  2. Bit rich from Farage, he loved the publicity of the defection at the time - and the party had clearly been courting Tory MP's at that time. However, I think Farage's ego was put out of joint by the fact that Carswell was UKIP's only MP and with that got reasonable airtime. it was also notable that Farage and Carswell fell out early on over short money and putting those funds into the party.
  3. It'll be quite sad if it turns out to be Fish & Chips vs Kebab in the final!
  4. These comments probably go to show you're against the impression you've built of the organisation - because you feel it's stacked full of people who you don't identify with. This surely means you're conclusions are by no way impartial and are more about confirming a pre-existing position?
  5. Great free kick - they've clearly worked on set pieces over the extended break and come up with some nice ideas. And let's be fair... there was also a decent free kick from the opposition yesterday.
  6. Plagerising @Phube?
  7. Could it be Lineker?
  8. There's an extra bonus for us if we get Monaco.
  9. Hmmm... may end up getting reinstated at this rate ?
  10. Boom!
  11. Boom!
  12. Oh my!
  13. co author of this!
  14. It hasn't always been and saying that doesn't mean an insurance scheme or other alternative is likely to make things any better because you'd still need the same sort of funding plus headroom for profit. Hunt's 7 day NHS fetish won't help things either... there is a practical sense in booking non essential operations in during a working week and having emergency provision around the edges of that.
  15. Yes, agreed... but it wasn't explicitly positioned like that. Lets face it, it was a little naughty, especially when you have someone like Gove who then dismisses the notion on the morning after.