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  1. People forget that with Porto, that that went on sale at the same time as two other games - so not quite as cheap as it seems on the face of it. This will sell out quick. It's the biggest away game we've ever had, and we took approx. 10,000 to Spain last month!
  2. Incredible news. Hope he makes a full recovery!
  3. It seemed to be ages before they ran the defibrillator over. Incredible really in such an environment. Fingers crossed he pulled through. Looked horrible.
  4. I had noticed that Shakey had been less prevalent this season. Obviously no idea how true the article is, but the noises coming out are not good.
  5. I was just walking along, no trouble at all between both sets and all of a sudden three coppers run through from behind whacking anyone in their way with their batons. I got one in the back for no reason whatsoever. There was space to pass through easily too. Once past us they started pushing kids (literally young 10 year old kids) forcefully out of the way, again for no reason whatsoever. Absolutely brainless policing.
  6. It would be bizarre if it wasn't our first local derby in three years at £18 a pop. We took about 8,000 to Forest a few years back when we were shit didn't we?
  7. Gonna miss shouting 'G'WON JEFF!' Had his moments, but ultimately not good enough at this level consistently.
  9. Taken over by the mob The stewards were telling everyone to sit where they like. This is just the norm in Europe from what I understand. UEFA won't care.
  10. How did that take so long I think that's it. No-one can possibly worse than RDL.
  11. His missus also tweeted Drip Doctors on Instagram accusing them of the same, so it has to be her unless she was 'hacked' too The best bit was when they were both on his Twitter and quoted the same tweet
  12. Yes, first upper tier block is on sale with good availability.
  13. To be fair to them, that 'THERE'S ONLY ONE SISU' was sung after they'd scored a goal helped by the SISU pitch invasion protest. Not sure if they sung it before that though, probably did.