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  1. He's doing well in New York and I think with his experience as a player/contacts he could attract decent players to Leicester. I also think he could turn into a great manager and Leicester would be a decent club for him to have a go in the Premier League. He'd go on my imaginary shortlist with Wagner and that bloke at Hoffeinheim if Shakespeare decides its not for him.
  2. Another name I'd add to the wanted list if Shakespeare were to go back to being assistant in the summer would be Patrick Vieira. Patrick Viera assisted by Shakey, gobble gobble.
  3. Hopeful logic
  4. Not to condone sending death threats which is vile behaviour, but I imagine every professional footballer has been victim to such threats by some keyboard warrior one way or another in their careers. Not really sure why Vardy has gone public with this like he's a special case when every footballer probably gets this, other than him and his wife are massive media whores. Every premier league footballer has received some sort of death threat online.
  5. We beat Sevilla 2-0 at home conceding zero away goals. Therefore we win and we shouldn't be worried.
  6. I'm just gonna put it out there and say Atletico have been punching way above their weight in the last few years due to having Simeone as boss. When he leaves they will not be making any more Champions League finals anytime soon or winning La Liga. Before Simeone 7th, 9th, 4th, 4th. With Diego 5th, 3rd, 1st, 3rd, 3rd plus two Champions League finals. We know we can beat the 3rd placed team in any league worldwide over two legs. We can take them. We can do them. We are going to make the semi finals.
  7. I completely agree and this is an excellent post which has made me change my mind from what I said earlier. I would still play Zieler at Everton because I would be genuinely frightened that Kasper could get injured pre Atletico. Its a credit to Kasper and his excellent form that he's my number one to get us through the Champions League again. I wouldn't be risking Kasper for the Everton game regardless of the state of play.
  8. Everton are on form so that away game is probably a loss even with our first choice side. I'd play all the reserves at Everton and then see how the table looks and the state of play after the first leg. We need everyone 1000% fit for 90 minutes of slogging in Madrid to stay in the tie for the home leg.
  9. He can definitely be very good and his goals to games ratio is actually quite decent still. If we put good crosses in for Slimani from Mahrez and Albrighton/Gray he's going to score a lot of headers. If he bagged a couple of simple headers he then would gain confidence and perhaps look a lot stronger playing the ball with his feet afterwards. He also bagged the last minute penalty against Middlesbrough. And the winner at home to West Ham which was a massive 3 points. When I think of similar target men strikers we've had in the past, Howard, De Vries, Deane, etc. Slimani is a cut above. But he seems to be derided as if he were Mark De Vries.
  10. I could understand such Slimani hate if he played 90 minutes week in week out for twelve games in a row and looked awful in all of them (like Vardy earlier this season). As it is he's barely played, been to AFCON and picked up injuries. I would rather judge him on his winning goal against Porto and his brace against Burnley when he was starting and fully fit than 15 minute cameos when the game is dead.
  11. R.b Matthew Upson C.b: Matt Heath C.b: Matt Elliott L.b Matt Mills L.m Matt Piper C.m Matt Jones C.m Matty James R.m Matt Oakley C.f Matty Fryatt C.f Matt Gillies
  12. 36 will easily be enough for 17th this season. Win these two home games coming up hopefully and that's us safe. Then play 11 reserves away at Everton and save them all to give Madrid a right pasting. They won't rest their entire team when they play Real Madrid 4 days before to not risk embarrassment against their local rivals, they'll probably only make a few changes. Big chance for us to gain a nice advantage energy wise if our big boys (Mahrez/Vardy/Ndidi/Kasper) are rested. I mean Kasper can be played I guess but I'd be worried he'll get injured just before the first leg if he did so would rather he was not risked. Am I suggesting we throw the game at Everton to be more ready for Atletico? Yes, yes I am
  13. We were terrible in Sevilla and still scored an away goal. We'll play much better at Athletico now we're back, so on that basis we're going to score at least one. I'd be happy with a 2-1 loss again to bring back to the King Power
  14. We also battered Man City at home this season and away last season. Does that make us better than Man City, Sevilla and Monaco?