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  1. Haha best of luck to John Rudkin I guess. I would probably have preferred Ranieri staying and keeping us up in the ideal world but he's gone and Wagner is the only man who gets me hot under the collar as a replacement. He did reject Wolfsburg apparently earlier on this season so he might reject us too anyway if we approached.
  2. But Vardy hates him wearing his 'coach' shirt
  3. Of course it would definitely be more risky than a manager with Premier League experience but you know what you're gonna get with most of those names - fairly turgid, defensive football that might keep us up. Wagner would give the club an attacking philosophy, he's transformed Huddersfield completely and if we do not make a move for him another club will and then I fear he will become too big a name for us to have a hope in hell of getting. I see him as the future Klopp basically, I could be wrong of course, its high risk high reward potentially with him I feel. He's going to be highly sought after, I suppose if we could get Hiddink in until the end of the season to 'steady the ship' and keep us up, then get Wagner in the summer. But will he be a realistic proposition for us by this summer? Who knows.
  4. He's Klopp mach II playing progressive positive attacking football in The Championship one of the most competitive leagues in the world (and tough to play attractive football and win), with Huddersfield on a shoestring budget. On paper should be relegation candidates/bottom half at best and they have a good chance of automatic promotion sat in 3rd. It's very impressive and its rare such a potentially class manager comes along who we could realistically get. Their local paper describes him as a breath of fresh air. GERRRRRRRRIMIN.
  5. I want Wagner from Huddersfield he would get me excited. Who do you want as our new manager?
  6. Wagner gerrrrrrrrrimin
  7. Opportunity for shake 'n' vac to audition for the job full time. Therefore I expect him to make some changes in personnel who will start this game. He's got to show he can be the main man so he won't just be picking the identical side/tactics as Ranieri.
  8. The players deserve some boos and anger vented at them on Monday night. They have been the shambles here not Ranieri. I plan to let it all out early in the game Monday then get fully behind the team after. These players are not getting away without an earful of anger first. Snakes.
  9. Give it shake 'n' bake until the end of the season as interim manager then take our time in the summer to make the right appointment regardless of what division we are in.
  10. Money. Double his Bournemouth wages, he's also taken them as far as they can go. I want us to go for Wagner personally and if not Howe. I want a young up and coming manager who plays progressive, attacking football. Not a dinosaur like Pardew/Mancini et al.
  11. The tickets aren't sold out and are on general sale so anyone can still buy one, unless I've missed something
  12. Terrible! He was walking around the pitch first half. Claudio obviously had a go at half time because he was actually running a bit in his 10 minutes of the second half. Sell him in summer and try recoup 10 million ish of the money paid.
  13. Fabulous to still be in it. On the balance of play I'd call that a smash and grab! Super result, 1-0 last minute penalty in second leg please We actually have a chance to make the Quarters excellente. First half we were bloody terrible, scared to have the ball, scared to attack, no chances, 0 corners but to be fair we rode our luck to get to 60 minutes only 1-0 down, then they scored another but we didn't down tools which was good. After we scored our only big chance of the game the players looked so much more confident. Drinkwater started playing forward passes and made his run, and got the assist. First half he just held it up and passed it backwards every time. Ndidi also struggled first half to impose himself. Mahrez showed glimpses of class, Albrighton tried he's not good enough against that level of opposition bless him. Musa needs to be sold in summer cut the losses and get 10 million back for him... Really wish Gray had started but at least Claudio bought him on early in the second period. It feels like a smash and grab draw even though it's a loss
  14. There is no way he is crap, not having that. He's looked a very threatening player and his goal return isn't brilliant but its okay for his first season in the Premier League and considering he's been playing injured/with niggles and not fully fit, in a side playing badly offering him very little service. I would say Musa is crap, I'd put Slimani in our best three players with Mahrez and Kasper.
  15. 2-0 Seville. I think we'll go down fighting but ultimately lose to the same scoreline as Sutton did last night to Arsenal. We'll have one clear chance in the 90 mins a Vardy 1 on 1 which he will miss