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  1. That makes 5 of you now then!
  2. We bought 4 tickets on the Wednesday morning outside the ground for 120 euros each in the home end, only to find out that they were fake when we tried to scan them at the turnstile. We seen quite a few lads outside the ground in the same boat! Horrible dirty Spanish basterds! P.S. Other than that we had a great time
  3. Forget the league for now The last 12 months has been building for this Enjoy it for we may never see the likes of it again
  4. Why do we need to know that you have a Merc?
  5. If he'd of had 6 shots at Jill Dando she would still be presenting crimewatch ffs!
  6. He has tainted last year and very much taken the shine off it His credit has run out with the proper fans
  7. I thought you'd officially done last week Have you had a change of heart?
  8. It's a bit strong calling him a cabbage
  9. I love how people say that that they love something when clearly the opposite is the case
  10. We're bolloxed!
  11. No, that's the best part of the day
  12. How do the authorities plan to get 60,000 euros out of them each Chris?
  13. I know, I was just being a bit daft... sorry
  14. To which tune do we sing that to?