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  1. Allocation is 2925. Got it on an email last night.
  2. Anybody else able to buy on the site? Nothing showing when I go to choose seats?
  3. My mate has just received in his tickets in the post. Hahahaha. None of the club know what is going on do they!
  4. The one that looks like his jaw is dislocated in the moment of winning the league and rising like a salmon above the crowd haha.
  5. Yeah it was on twitter. My identity is revealed hahaha. Exactly the same with me, want to frame all the home and away tickets.
  6. I have asked Jim about paper tickets and got an ambiguous answer about being able to swap it. Swap with what I'm not sure
  7. 130 left online
  8. I believe in seville in depends on the time you arrive. They fill the upper tier first
  9. I think it would all come down to whether the club hold some back from online sales for people in the queue. I have never known anyone to say whether this happens or not but I think it probably does. If they didnt hold any back then I think online is 100% the way to go. Log on about 15 minutes before 9 as well and make sure your session stays active. That should mean you dont get put into a huge queue of people trying to access the site.
  10. They were definitely there yesterday, but some turned green yesterday lower down in the block on the screen. Pretty sure that happened a few times with the group stages too. Club holding some back for whatever reason and then releasing them in drabs.
  11. Standard lcfcdirect anomalies. Mine goes down to 41 with some seats available on row 41. Just attached some screenshots. I love our ticketing system hahahahaha
  12. Ha, I wouldnt put it past us both being right, its lcfcdirect.com we are talking about. But here are screenshots of what I am seeing and the current availability for you.
  13. 41 rows showing on mine online. 40 with 55 on and 1 with 57. Total of 2257.
  14. My mate got one at the ticket office this morning and was told only just over half have been sold. If true why would the club not just show them all online?
  15. Are there really 2000 on that many points? I think it's about half that maybe 1300