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  1. The first one is ok, not special but decent enough. The second- I've no idea who would come up with that.
  2. All a bit Lucas Neill Mk II isn't it?
  3. Southampton fans seem very bored with their football on forums and Twitter. So I'm anticipating an absolute thriller on Sunday.
  4. Mike Dean apparently asked to be given a Championship game.
  5. I don't think many will be hugely surprised by the Lincoln result, they were very good in the first game and Ipswich are not a good side, Lincoln having been winning plenty of games in the league too. That Sutton result is even better, despite being against ten men.
  6. Sean Dyche's Market Leading Army.
  7. Hopefully as a minimum we'll keep our 100% home record in the Champions League.
  8. Maybe if they'd realised he wasn't that great when they first saw him then they wouldn't have to keep defending and keep the pretense up that he's not at fault for anything?
  9. Even if we were doing well in the league we'd still have a monumental task on our hands. They are a top side, this is elite competition now.
  10. I'm against modern players being born in 2000, doesn't seem right. Ten years older than them, fvcking hell.
  11. Shit Daniel Amartey.
  12. Having watched Stones twice try to thump the ball clear in the second half I can see why he wants to pass it out from the back.
  13. We do have a recorded copy of the original, we used to play it when we scored.
  14. No, the league performances have been largely crap. The Champions League is a one-off and I'm determined to enjoy it. We will have shit seasons again, just not with European football to go alongside it. Don't waste this chance to savour the Champions League because the league games haven't been very good.