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  1. They probably won't even ask him about it. Many pundits felt he could do what he liked this season with no repercussions, see the "right to take them down" comments which is frankly ludicrous.
  2. It's not as though we've been given fantastic seating areas in every ground either, the away ends at Loftus Road and Selhurst Park were very cramped in terms of leg room. Standing would be preferable (and more comfortable) in those places in particular.
  3. I liked him as a player for us but that first line is nonsense. If Ranieri had finished 17th last year and the same this time he would've performed worse than Pearson in terms of finishing position so logically we'd be going backwards and his sacking would have no crying from the pundits.
  4. Who are these "new fans" anyway? Other clubs liking us for a bit? They'll move on to the next story soon enough. People claiming to be Leicester fans? If you don't bother because we've sacked a manager in a relegation battle (let's actually look at the reality instead of their fantasy world) then you aren't a great fan in the first place. The fact is, throughout our history we've made unpopular decisions, had dreadful seasons, shambolic ownership and the fans complained, moaned, wanted better but never ran away. I didn't agree with getting rid of Pearson two years or letting him join Hull, I don't think I wanted Sven sacked at the time but I can still understand why they happened. The club is bigger than one man. I think Claudio will be fine on this show, I hope he's well and enjoying his break. But I'm not going to be guilt-tripped into thinking we've made a terrible decision against the soul of football or some such bollocks. Fortunately, plenty have been able to separate the sterling work of last season with the failing work of this and judge accordingly. It would help of some of our media would do the same.
  5. I agree it is a shame that there is no live cricket on terrestrial TV but let's not pretend that they did everything perfectly and it was stolen from them. The coverage on Channel 4 was awful at times, cutting away from Test matches on Saturday afternoons for horse racing, starting at 10.30am to fit the likes of Countdown and Hollyoaks in, Sky pay more money and give a far better package for their cash though unfortunately fewer people can see it. Cricket could've remained on terrestrial TV if they'd put their full backing into it but didn't. I'm also not sure where these new fans that are being targeted will come from. Cricket isn't a hard game to follow in terms of live scores, updates, locations etc if you really want to, if they aren't going now (with a much greater choice of venues) then a condensed version can't be that appealing.
  6. 31,648 was the attendance.
  7. Excellent article on Tom Harrison. As for this tournament, it holds no interest for me. We have a perfectly good competition as it is and this will either eat into that time or the County Championship.
  8. Hundreds of lower and non league clubs seem to cope with standing and that's without rail seating. You'll still have a seat to sit in but others want the opportunity to stand safely in a football stadium.
  9. Northern Ireland with another solid win. If they beat Czech Republic at home they could well finish 2nd in that group.
  10. If only Vardy had done that for Allardyce, bloody snake.
  11. He played 10 games for us, made some terrific saves but had the worst kicks I can remember. We think Kasper is often poor- this bloke used to mishit the ball out of play well inside our half.
  12. They seem to completely misunderstand their commenter demographic and, as such, have decided that it's appropriate to allow the public to comment on women's football. I looked when there were roughly 75 comments listed which consisted of well over half being taken away due to breaking the Code of Conduct and the rest just doing enough to remain inside the guidelines by narrowly avoiding total sexist or misogynistic remarks.
  13. They're shit, he's shit too. Can't have been a long conversation unless Jim White was purring over the Wee Man and what a great job he's doing in drawing at home to Canada in front of five people.
  14. "He's a proper football man"- completely meaningless comment usually used by the Redknapps, Merson, Richard Keys etc. Mostly applies to failing, mediocre British manager who is their mate and not some random foreigner like Marco Silva.
  15. Most of these things are just idiots wanting attention but you just never know who is sending them and he's right to be aware of it and make it public. I'm sure, given his reputation, it won't be taken too seriously by most observers but he should take appropriate steps.