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  1. Phil Neville- "That goal is bad for Southampton. 2-1 and they might think they can win it, at 4-0 down they've no chance and it might be a better game for them".
  2. I actually think, despite the reaction to the sacking, the mood will be different. We're in a bit of the unknown territory and that always brings a different scenario. I think we'll start the game well but whether it can last I don't know.
  3. Southampton fans complaining about the manager, according to Martin Tyler. How dare they have an opinion on their club, they are in a cup final, fed up of this entitlement.
  4. I doubt it given he never gets any praise and is viewed as a dinosaur whilst every foreigner is worshipped like a God. Have the FA even heard of him?
  5. Amartey's scored the same amount this season as Kante and look at the players he's playing with? Amartey has contributed more, no doubt about it.
  6. If we'd finished 15th last season Ranieri wouldn't have improved on Pearson's position and not a fuss would've been made about sacking him. The same media would be questioning why we employed a man who was no better than the previous one.
  7. Reckon Hughes might go in the summer.
  8. Just think, if he'd done that for us whilst on loan he could well be our player now
  9. Yes, it probably is. Doesn't stop you trying to improve on it and make changes if you feel necessary. I believe that 12-15th in the Championship is below our natural level so if we are there in a year's time, are we allowed to complain if Ranieri was still in charge or would the job for life argument still exist?
  10. I think we need to clarify this "ungrateful" thing, though. You can be grateful for something and still believe a change is correct. We aren't in May 2016, we're in February 2017 and our last six months of football has, by and large, been atrocious. I defy any set of fans to watch the style of football, plus the results, and not mutter a word of complaint. It won't happen because as hard as you try to accept it, you won't. It's your club and you want the best for it.
  11. The problem is that people who don't really care get the most coverage. It's easy for the neutral, passive pundits to tell us what we should expect and accept. If we go down it doesn't affect them, they'll focus on the next club or story for a while. But it matters to us. We were there when the club was struggling badly on and off the pitch, suffering after relegations, and maybe we don't want to go back to that? Contrary to popular belief, the club didn't stop last May. It is actually still going and struggling hugely. Claudio Ranieri is a fantastic man and was an excellent manager for us but he's not bigger than the club. It's very sad it's come to this but unfortunately, the world they want to live in is not the reality. I think the owners have taken a huge decision which was always going to be unpopular and received a very biased and unfair reaction. Some of the things they've been labelled is disgusting.
  12. Speaks well, young manager, English, has taken a team up through the divisions so will always be given a better deal than foreign managers. I think Dyche is a better all-round manager despite playing less attractive football. He isn't a bad manager but certainly not Arsenal level.
  13. Given he masterminded the title win I expect to be champions again in 2018.
  14. Who are the players though? All those who joined since July 2015 won't have worked with him, Drinkwater didn't appear to be a huge fan, can only think it's Vardy, Schmeichel, Morgan and King.
  15. The mid-2000's? We've had people discussing it on here in the last couple of hours!