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  1. I was only a nipper but I remember my dads cousin showing me a photo that he's taken of the scoreboard when we went 1-0 up through Marshall - he was saying he'll probably never see anything like it again as a Leicester fan. Then the home leg. Devastating!
  2. Buzzing for this. Sort Juve out after these and then ruin bales homecoming in the final please.
  3. I'd rather be chilling in parco sempione than Victoria park personally.
  4. Long shot but worth a go - if anyone happens to be driving to London after the game and could give me a lift - will chip in for petrol - please let me know. I've got a train booked but it's gonna be really tight to make it. Cheers
  5. Extremely long shot - will anyone be driving to London after the game tonight? I've got a train ticket but it's gonna be cutting it mighty fine... pm me if you can help!
  6. Id like to see Rowatt here at some point. This probably isn't the right time for him to come - though it's probably not the right time for anyone to come really. Young, English - sets his teams up well and plays decent football. He did very well at Birmingham and perhaps a happy medium between Pearson and Claudio. He'll be snapped up by someone soon - probably in the championship though (hopefully not us if that's the case).
  7. "Schlupp competing with Morgan". It's laughable
  8. Anyone in Bristol fancy watching the game somewhere tonight? My bloody internet and TV is broken!
  9. I'll be lone wolfing as well I'd imagine so it'd be good to get a few of us together.
  10. Personally, I thought Nelson Fernandes did fairly well for us in a few games.
  11. I'm just praying that there will be some other city fans near me
  12. I don't care who misses out if it happens, but it would make the 'weak premiership' argument look rather flimsy.
  13. Yep. Gonna be a real test! Hopefully there are a fair few of us.
  14. They are still being advertised but you can't actually purchase one online. Been the same for a few weeks/months now.