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  1. Dinosaur footprints, nearly twice the size of the previous largest known.WOW https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/mar/28/worlds-largest-dinosaur-footprints-discovered-in-western-australia
  2. Just start making playstation games the official EPL.
  3. sounds like a reasonable negotiation to me (Obvs depending on full details) but we buy him at a lower cost... if he doesnt live up and doesn't play many games (eg Musa?) we dont pay as much.
  4. No... what i am saying is that if a judge, after the rape says.... "women were putting themselves in danger by drinking" (quote from the story) ...then that judge is placing SOME blame on the victim. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/megan-clark-rape-victim-manchester-12807073
  5. to my comment "No rape is the victims fault" .. this is a response... The judges comments and (apparently the generally held opinion on here) reinforces this absurd idea.. and forces it on our children, our young men have a built in excuse.. our young women have a built in guilt. and on that note.. its late and im off to bed, thanks for the chat
  6. Did you dad tell you that it was your fault that you got beaten up or lost your phone etc when you went out?... if so... did that make you feel better about the event?
  7. No rape is the victims fault... that is the point. Whether in a back alley at 2am.... or your lounge room... it is NOT the victims fault EVER. This is the exact attitude that im talking about
  8. so.. the woman is "partly" responsible for being raped then?
  9. I came to rape you the other day.. but walked into the room.. and forgot why i was there
  10. Sadly i think the victim is one who may have had the "its a bit your fault" imprinted on her from an early age from the very things we are discussing here. The fact that so many here are saying... if you are drunk... you have some responsibility, (and make no mistake that it what most of the statements come down to) Obviously i dont know the full facts.. or her and her history, so i shouldnt be making a judgement... but as a society we tell women that... they have to" be safe", "stay with friends", "dont get drunk".. "dont walk alone at night".. etc or you might get raped... is reinforcing that stopping rape is up to them.... and therefore if they are raped, they have some responsibility.
  11. what about if you are raped in your home on a tuesday afternoon around tea time? who's fault then?
  12. your drunk.... leaning agaist the bar, barely awake....big bloke walks up, grabs your phone smashes it on the floor.... is that your fault?
  13. i think we may have slipped away from the basis of this discussion.... "a judge who said women were putting themselves in danger by drinking " ....that is quite simply BLAMING the victim If you are a woman and you have a drink... you are putting YOURSELF in danger... this is what we are teaching our children.... boys rapists its not all your fault... girls. victims.... some of it is your fault.
  14. but... by saying that you shouldnt "be there"... "be drunk" etc... we ARE placing some responsibility. Our children are growing up being told... by the law itsself... that (in this case and many others) the victim bears some responsibility because of what they did, where they went. The victim, did not cause the rape, the victim being drunk did not cause the rape. The victim is NOT in any way responsible for the actions of a another person.
  15. Ive no idea.... is it because "we" use it to continue to shame, blame and subjugate women?