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  1. Too long, didnt read... but may i offer my congratulations for out "Thrac"ing...Thracian
  2. Given the media's complete lack of knowledge about the sacking, or apparently anything surrounding it... im pretty sure their knowledge about who will be coming in is equally clueless
  3. Seriously..... Pearson.
  4. Its pretty simple, he didnt straight out deny it, coz he obviously had some "involvement".
  5. I prefer not to have my sexual identity defined
  6. Assassinated by June 30th or resigned by August 1st
  7. Because its the final evidence that this is a business not a club.... except... People dont stand outside HSBC' chanting their favourite customers Service officers name People dont travel up and down the country in their thousands to stand and watch the poundland cashiers at work People dont feel betrayed when the manager of their local tesco gets sacked for falling behind budget. Its a club.... a part of my home, a part of me and i have ethics and loyalty. Now this club is a little less representative of me.
  8. Outside Morrisons
  9. bahahahahaha
  10. i dont get it?
  11. Ive come to the conclusion that most "journalists" are writing their stories directly from Foxestalk
  12. It was very widely reported ... To paraphrase ....FOAD
  13. seriously.. you think this is a moan?
  14. Did some one shave them off in Sevilla?
  15. The godfather should be permanent