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  1. AHA!!! Its definitly @Bob Weasel Fox or @buzzer_b I claim the $5 thanks
  2. im not sure how you mean... its just a thumb drive... its got a few pics etc on it which i can see
  3. Hi, Ive just copied 40 gig of music onto my thumb drive.... it took an hour or so to do, i watched as they went across, the drive is 128gb Upon completion.... all seemed ok. went to open and check.... "folder empty" the drive says the space is used any ideas please?
  4. The mice have gone too far!
  5. Congrats for continuing and thanks for sharing your words help yourself and others. Dont give in.
  6. This thread is going to get REALLY long if we going to rule each player out individually. I'll save some time....its not me.... only 2.5 billion or so to go.
  7. and we are surprised that Trump is the Prez.
  8. It might be an overeaction, but, what time is that in Perth...Better safe than sorry n all that.
  9. im sorry you feel that way
  10. Hope it didn't hit his toe, he would need a good sit down in an arm chair
  11. Was not a conspiracy. An innocent family was imprisoned they have had their lives ruined. Its not bad enough that your months old baby is killed, but then you are accused and set up by media. A shameful time in Austs recent history
  12. alf wasnt as nice as you think... he ate pussy! Goes to show why they have such a culture