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  1. Why would he drop down a division?
  2. I will always like and respect Nige. Always. Proper "Pearsonite" me. But I don't think coming back would be good. We need to push the club forward (something that should have happened in the summer). We need a manager that can take us to the next level consistently.
  3. Tbf, although we were poor at times we were genuinely unlucky in games. We hit the woodwork three times against Spurs, I remember that. There were plenty of things that went against us - particularily Liverpool and Spurs away Compared to this season where we have just looked poor and along with Sunderland and Palace we are the worse team in the division. HOWEVER, Pearson got into a rut and got us out of it. Ranieri would never have got us out of the rut (consistently poor decisions) and we would've gone down under Ranieri eventually.... 8 goals this year and our last league win was on NYE is an absolute disgrace. Pearson built this club up - twice. He signed players that wanted and players that were forming something. Ranieri, starting this summer, went the opposite way. Players like Musa and Mendy. Good grief. And they'll not stick around when we go down. If you don't like Pearson on a personal level ok (although I've met him many times and every time he has been accommodating and he actually visited Birch in hospital earlier this year - yeah he actually went instead of just phoning) but you cannot take away what he did for our club. The guy is a hero and the way some of you talk about him is a disgrace. I wasn't going to get involved because although I do like Nige I don't want him back now. But it's comments like your that just piss me off. Having sat through those years between 2004 and 2008 we finally found a man that turned us around - on and off the pitch.
  4. All our old players - or most of them - voice their opinion. Whether it be Taggart (who agreed with the sacking), Elliot, Walsh, Marshall, Cottee, Savage, Piper, McAlister (recently spoke about us) - but the mainstream media aren't going to be interested in these players when Gary Lineker is voicing his opinion. He's one of our greats, one of the Countries greats and works in the media. Mainstream media will always look for Lineker's opinion first because he's the biggest name. In fact, Marshall has been criticising them lately. And then last night came out with "so if you don't win the league at Leicester you get sacked?" which is a ridiculous comment. Media don't pick stuff like that up though do they.
  5. Tbf most of our fan base moaned when we hired him then moaned last night. Lineker does go on a bit but then I remember how he put his own money forward in 2002 so give and take.... Wouldn't mind seeing him up front though if he fancies chipping in with some goals to save us.
  6. He was going to take us down.
  7. He wouldn't let the players get away with how they were under Ranieri. He wouldn't have players on 100k a week. He certainly wouldn't say we are underdogs when playing a League One side.
  8. Nobody is bigger than the club. Not Ranieri, not Walsh, not O'Neill, not Lineker.
  9. We were going down. Probably will still. He lost it in the summer. Losing Kante, losing Walsh and letting the players do what they want. The greatest managers - Ferguson, Clough, Shankly - are strong characters. They will stuff over again. They wouldn't let players rule.
  10. I know it is. Away goals is always key. Still lost though. They could've had four.
  11. We lost
  12. Yeah man
  13. Sad but we've been shit all season
  14. Brugge was the best I've been in.