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  1. Greed. After last season we have become one of the richest clubs in the World/in the league? It's not as if we are in a financial mess.
  2. Yeah. Even though I really disliked the Olympic Stadium on Saturday, I'd take that view over Selhurst Park anyday.
  3. Vardy, Mahrez and the rest of the attacking players had that platform because of Kante. The defenders had ultimate protection from Kante. Kante made these average players look so so good. Luiz and Cahill are nothing special. Most forwards will have a run on them - look at how Rashford made Cahill look silly the other week - but Kante gives them so so much and makes them look far better than what they are.
  4. Into a shopping centre apparently?
  5. I bought both Catfish albums but they're nothing special. Debut album was okay but then the second one was just ... the same. A lot of people seem to overrate them.
  6. People who say Mahrez could play for Barcelona are deluded.
  7. Fancy The Boy With A Thorn In His Side/Rubber Ring by The Smiths.
  8. The police officer who has sadly died - wasn't armed? The officers that protect Westminster don't have anything to protect themselves?
  9. Yeah, and I know who'll actually go further in a major tournament. I'm surprised we didn't win, Germany usually roll over friendlies.
  10. Car has driven through people
  11. They're different players who play, generally, different positions but give me the player that has been top goalscorer at two major international tournaments anyday. Given Muller's height and how lanky he seems, his technical ability is superb.
  12. What do you mean by 'basic'? Just advertising? Or selling too. I'm a web developer so I'd never recommend using one of those "website making" services like Weebly or whatever.
  13. Madness easily. They are brilliant live. First gig I ever went too.
  14. I agree he's right up there for us.... But it's very difficult to put him alongside Banks and Shilton given what those two achieved in football and not just here (both being among the greatest goalkeepers ever and Banks in particular is one of the very very best ever). I was always a big critic of Kasper in his first few seasons here, but he has really progressed in the last year or so.