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  2. Birch has said in interview that he received tons of messages etc but one man visited the hospital to see him in person and that was Nigel Pearson.
  3. Remember that period when we had no wingers Oh the joys of Oakley or Gallagher or Danns out wide.
  4. Strange formation, strange set up and all round Chelsea were far better than us. I was frustrated with how we lined up and our style of play. They moved the ball around so well. Chilwell was probably our best player. Musa cannot control a ball, I've said this from the first time I saw him, and Drinkwater cannot play that role where he's coming wide because he lacks pace. Three midfielders were the same type of player. We lack creativity and goals from midfield. Bringing Simpson on at 0-3 was pointless, he should have started anyway. The Chelsea goals weren't even quality - they didn't have to work hard for them - and the third is a joke as it deflects through all of our players stood still and watched apart from Kasper. An awful game from our point of view. Must improve. Chelsea were good, take nothing away from them, but Luiz and Cahill - two players who always look 'dodgy' when put under pressure - will not get an easier game all season.
  5. Superb if it's sold out.
  6. Never really rated him at Liverpool but I guess he was playing with better players. Might look good here. We need a centre back though, and I'm glad it's being addressed, that's the positive.
  7. Without doubt. We need creativity and goals from midfield.
  8. If it's not a centre half I'll cry
  9. Oh yeah I was referring to the post by Bert on page three but just been on the OS and nothing to be seen. I was waiting till this evening when I get home to actually buy tickets, I assume they'll be on sale!?
  10. Pretty much this. A poor transfer market has led to having two centre backs at 30+ years of age. Our style of play is horrific too.
  11. Should be. It states 185+ today.
  12. It's not nice to see any club in (potentially) administration. There are plenty of clubs with a rich history run badly and it's sad to see - Forest, Coventry, Blackpool etc.
  13. The inconsistency is pissing me off now. Last 10 games I've won 1, drew 6, lost 3. I don't concede many goals (most of my defeats are 0-1) but I don't score either. Don't even look like scoring. Played 29, scored 25, conceded 29.
  14. Hope he stays but whatever happens he'll always be a hero.