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  1. Looking for 1 x ticket for Everton on Monday. Happy to pickup around Leicester before game or at the ground. PM if you can help.
  2. I heard it's Alan Sugar, Gary Mabbutt, Ledley King and Darren Anderton.
  3. Well for impartiality, as with the Kevin Friend situation, I hope we can demand certain panel members are removed if they support Spurs or live in North London.
  4. I know what you mean. He strikes me as an extremely serious and focused person so I think the way he acts and his body language reflects this. I'm sure he has bigger aspirations than City as do alot of our players but If we get into the prem then I think he would be more than happy to stay. What I would say is that his professionalism means that he will always give 100% for us and he obviously has high standards. Brilliant insight into the mood of the camp behind the scenes though. Nigel is hilarious.
  5. Is that joker seriously taking quotes (including mine) from this board and editing them? If your reading this CarlosKickaballs, get a grip man. There are some seriously sad, pathetic and immature people out there, quite a few of them wear the yellow of Watford.
  6. Just find the Watford fan's obsession with THAT game abit weird. After all, they bottled it in the final which they should have quite easily won. But judging by their fans behaviour you would think that they got promoted last season, absolutely no humility.
  7. Oh Dear.
  8. Haha! Was just about to post that, so bad it's funny. C'mon Youngy make an effort at least, Joe Kinnear and David Pleat eat your heart out.
  9. King in a car park We found a king in a car park King in a car park We found a king in a car park....
  10. RDL has been one of the most consistent right backs we have had for years. The man is class. If anyone says otherwise they are clearly deluded.
  11. Jesus! The way people are reacting to Wellens inclusion you would think he's the antichrist. Give the man a break.
  12. Anybody else think this?