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  1. Can anyone confirm if this will get moved if we draw at Millwall? I always thought league to priority?
  2. Heres one for Seville..... Oh What a night Being in Seville on a Wednesday Night, Next year its Barnsley cos we're ****ing shite, What a memory What a night...
  3. I was
  4. When do the vouchers go out for this do we know?
  5. sold out on lcfc direct
  6. Got 2 priority 2 references available for this or I can get the tickets for you. PM if interested now sold
  7. Working ok now had to log out and log back in
  8. Anyone else on lcfc direct saying their allocation has been reached??!
  9. 2 £20 adult tickets availble open to offers. would take £20 for the 2 as no definately cant go
  10. 7:30am flight the monday morning? If so see u on there
  11. this will easily make general sale
  12. 2 Available PM if wanted
  13. What does this actually mean then? People who book with Thomas cook are ahead in the queue of other people in the same Loyalty points bracket?
  14. got 2 available if anyone wants PM me
  15. I have 2 for sale for this, cant get time off work now. any offers, wont get refund