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  1. so journalism now is make things up with no quotes and claim "sources" told you. Brilliant. Nice to see Kasper with a message for Claudio
  2. All I want is Shakey to see the error of Claudio's ways and let the players have freedom to attack and get at the opposition. I can't take any more pathetic sit deep, stand off and hope a goal magically appears tactics.
  3. Pearson's a nasty man! He did a pretty good job though. Yeah but he's a thug. He did a pretty good job though. I really don't like him. He did a pretty good job though. I love a good Pearson thread. While I'm curious to see what his actual ceiling would have been with us. There's surely too much bad blood there. Especially if it's true that Rudkin wasn't particularly fond of him. It amazes me the tunnel vision that people seem to have when there's a managerial vacancy at a club. There's got to be hundreds of managers/potential managers out there that would probably improve us given the chance. It doesn't need to be someone from the merry go round and there's no need to get hysterical just because a bookmaker has put some well known names on a betting market. I hope we use this as an opportunity to set a similar framework to which Pearson brought in and ask the manager to work to that. We need a club wide philosophy again. One of Pearson's greatest assets was surrounding himself with top class talent in a variety of areas that helped to keep the squad in top condition mentally and physically.
  4. Will be interesting to see how the team's philosophy changes, if we don't change our tactics or line up then nothing will change. If the new manager/Shakey sends the team out with more attacking and pressing intent then it would be no surprise to see the same players look better.
  5. A lot of people still convinced it's the players then, just deciding they don't like the gaffer randomly so not playing well. Heaven forbid the thought that we actually set up poorly tactically and Ranieri wasn't quite sure how to plug the Kanté sized hole in the team. Or Ranieri decided to deviate away from last season's methods and they're not yielding as much success. How can you, with a straight face, claim Ranieri is the reason we won the league. Then totally absolve of him of any blame for the shambles that is this season? Noooo, it's the players just deciding they don't fancy playing for Ranieri anymore. Smacks of people picking up tiny little morsels from the media and social media, adding 2+2 and getting 22.
  6. this is very admirable @Babylon but hysterical overreaction seems to be spreading like wildfire.
  7. Sack Ranieri after AwfulFootballGate and hire ???. Win the Champions League!
  8. Whoever it is, I hope they want the team to play football and allows them to leave their own half. That's the dream!
  9. As this is an appreciation thread, thanks for bringing us our first ever title and giving us a taste of champions league football. Even though I wasn't part of any of the celebrations last season, I've never felt so proud to be a Leicester fan. It's the right time to part ways but thank you for last season.
  10. The owners definitely just cut off a chicken's head and decide what to do based on where it lands like the south park episode. It can only explain their seemingly out the blue odd timing with sackings.
  11. Oh great, we get to watch Claudio send the boys out to watch you play at a walking pace between the defenders then. That should be great
  12. Is that video of him not trying to gee the players up at kick off after the goal? Dno who's to Kingy's right, but it looks like Kingy is putting his hand up to his mouth to speak to whoever's on his right
  13. Yes, pretty much. Maybe from Man City onwards there's been a definite shift into negative football. I think this season has proven that playing like that and expecting positive results isn't sustainable over a long period of time.
  14. Probably, but i'm talking about pretty much every single game for about the last 12 months.