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  1. Are they though? Pretty sure if you take out two or three players you've basically got a championship standard team.
  2. Bookies haven't cottoned onto the fact he's capable of scoring a worldie. I keep having him to score and score both halves in most games. It's like the start of the season when only Leicester fans knew how good N'golo was.
  3. Good to see it used successfully last night, it will be better once they streamline the process as mentioned above as it did seem a bit weird with everyone just stood looking at the ref. Needs to be used only for scenario's where a definitive answer can be given but seems good to me.
  4. I hope he actually takes some of the blame.
  5. They're criticising the player in the moment at the time though aren't they, then observing his whole time here at the end. Pretty sure most comments would back that up.
  6. Aye, wasn't his usual self last night. At least we won't have to read fan boys trying to make out he played really well when we didn't though.
  7. Neither are responsible, it depends where your local rapists hang out, but I'd assume it's more likely to happen outside a club at 2am. Just like I'd be more likely to be mugged walking drunk or even sober around town at 2am than I would if I was on my way to work in the morning. The most annoying thing, if anything, is that he's pointing out the obvious (to most people).
  8. Surprised Mooy isn't in the top 3. Shelvey probably wouldn't be far off if he wasn't a massive mentalist as well.
  9. Haha. You and your hyperbole.
  10. You can't work out why a young English winger with the potential to play for the national team could be worth £20-25 million? Then a Croatian striker who's got a decent pedigree and is in the national team but isn't proven at the very top level isn't worth £60 million?
  11. You'd just have to look at what players of similar ability are picking up... It's not that hard, if anyone actually thinks "oh we got him for 3 million, it's pretty hard to imagine him being worth 25 million at any time in his career. 12 million seems a good deal for us" then you really aren't actually paying the most basic attention to football and shouldn't be anywhere near it. We paid way below what we should have for Gray. Birmingham must have been gutted we got him so cheap.
  12. Are they definitely the only two options we're allowed when making a deal?
  13. Atlanta are doing it right. They're a great team to watch.
  14. I think they'd rule him out because he's not good enough anyway. If he was one of the best in the world I'm sure they'd excuse his laziness to be fair.
  15. Ah man, that'd have looked so much better if he just dinked it through to Dyer (possibly Schlupp).