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  1. Rudkin doing bits again. Fax machine must have been fixed.
  2. No, mainly for the reason Sol mentioned, although I do think Green Brigade are on that level. That said, it's difficult to define what an ultra or ultras group is. You have some groups who are 100% dedicated to vocal and visual support in the stadium and don't have any interest in violence or the one-upmanship that goes with nicking flags/scarves or tagging other group's pubs. Then you have groups that pretty much solely pride themselves on the latter but are happy to contribute to the atmosphere at games aswell (if they're not banned) and groups where hools and ultras are together as one. I'd argue UFS have some characteristics of an ultras group (tifos, drum, flags, consistent vocal support) and for me that's something to be proud of as that mentality produces displays like Tuesday night. What it doesn't have is the bullshit bravado that some UK groups like Holmesdale Fanatics and Red Faction put on because they think they are moving towards the more 'hooligan' side of things but are actually just a complete embarrassment in the grand scheme of things.
  3. Dortmund is the best option imo. - Incredible stadium and support - Plentiful travel options, which means cheaper travel options - Realistic chance of progression because as good as they are at home (not lost in 32 or so), they always give away chances for an away goal and are very inconsistent away from home. - Oh, and cheap beer.
  4. Bang on. Had to completely re-assess after CR sacked, but given we'd already painted the vast majority (hence Shakey wearing a suit) there was limited scope to change. It was a case of making the best of an awkward situation - hopefully we did that. Shakey doesn't have many discernible features which made him an awkward dude to draw and paint That said, most people seem to have understood it was him and got the reference.
  5. Yes first team drawn in each pair plays at home first. If people are interested (and need to time a well deserved trip to the bogs/water cooler at work), the pre-amble to the draw took around 9 minutes last year.
  6. Obviously you wouldn't know this, but it was a bit sly as UFS specifically asked if the Club were doing anything in the Kop and were told no and that it would be left up to UFS. That said, it didn't do any great harm and actually filled the space around the edge pretty nicely.
  7. People deliberately ripped holes in it using their poles aswell. Old John in particular got a fair bit of damage done to it. Can only assume people wanted to give it a decrepit look for realism.
  8. I'd say it probably is. Palace have done some real good ones but not on that scale, I don't think. Celtic and Rangers set the bar in the UK in general though.
  9. Exactly. Perfect opportunity to be as smug as you want and we're wasting time with this 'Ohh, love me' shite. We should have replied with 'good riddance, give us a proper test next @UEFA'
  10. Wishing your opposition good luck on social media is up there with goal music in the things that have no place in football chart. The fans do not want to see it - it doesn't show class, it shows that your social media team are a bunch of tarts.
  11. Yeah exactly. Except these won't be passed around, they'll be passed from the front upwards and held in place to form the display
  12. It is Brooksy yeah. Used to post on here a very long time ago!
  13. .
  14. Ignoring how buzzing I am for tomorrow, had to laugh at the latest classic from LCFC promoting the 'relaxed atmosphere' by pointing fans in the direction of an Irish bar. Christ, if you'd listened to them throughout you'd only have visited an English pub, Scottish pub and an Irish pub. Sounds like the start of a shit joke, which is a suitable description of how awful everything they have done in respect of Champions League logistics is... forcing people to waste time with bullshit ticket collection (blaming non-existent UEFA regulations for it was pathetic) and even worse collection points, ridiculous prices for home games and overall awful selling arrangements have left a pretty bitter taste with how it's been handled in my opinion. Real shame they won't be able to learn from their mistakes for a long time too.