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  1. I can see the headlines now: Shakespeare WINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
  2. Maybe we can get the company I work for to put this in place. Then I can act like a total useless arsehole for 12 months, get zero results, upset my colleagues and be immune to dismissal all whilst receiving my nice salary. Once I've finished being a cvnt there, I can then get sacked during the allocated sacking period, find a new job and then repeat the process there, once again immune to any criticism. Wow, I mean, I totally couldn't see any way possible this could be bad for the businesses I choose to work for! I bet everyone would be right ****ing up for it. /s
  3. Aaaaahahahahahahahaha. What a bunch of cvnts.
  4. Lol, what on earth are you on about. Jeez.
  5. Nasri crying into his paella. **** off you pathetic little cvnt. If we look back through Nasri's career highlight reels are we going to see 100% clean play, no cheating, no diving? Like **** are we. Hypocritical cvnt. He has nobody else to blame. If he was a half decent professional his forehead wouldn't have been anywhere near Vardy's in the first place. What a total bell-piece.
  6. atmosphere was absolutely buzzing. wow.
  7. Absolutely awesome effort tonight. That looked amazing. Where do I go to donate again? Gonna chuck in £20 for the next one. Top work!
  8. Everyone keeps going on about this but the chances are he'd have had to have left regardless if another new manager came in and wanted to bring his own backroom team.
  9. Keown can take his big ****ing Easter Island head and shove it down the toilet. What a ****ing bellend.
  10. They need to announce him as manager ASAP, imo. No ****ing about, no waiting around. Kill the speculation and get his job down on paper, in writing, signed and sorted. Let's just get on with it instead of ****ing about for once. He's got them playing for him, 6 goals, 2 wins - something we've not done in ****ing ages. Please, let's just crack on FFS.
  11. Lol, shut up.
  12. I'd literally rather cut up red chillies, rub my hands all over them and then stick my fingers in my bum than go down the KP and watch this cvnt take us down. I will be voting with my feet and not attending.
  13. Not go. I'd probably protest as well tbh.