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  1. If it's Hodgson I will actually run onto the pitch naked and rub my balls on his stupid ****ing face. Honestly, what a ****ing uninspiring, awful, boring cvnt appointment that would be. I'd be looking to get refunded for my ST immediately.
  2. Come home Nigel, you crazy mother****er.
  3. I hope he sees this thread and he cry-wanks himself to sleep tonight. Sounds like a right wet ****ing lettuce. Despite not knowing 100% facts he's clearly part responsible for the shower of shit this club has endured this season and he's stayed quiet throughout like a little bitch. Ranieri has taken the bullet and this **** will continue being shit like nothing has happened. Sounds like your typical over-promoted 'got lucky' dickhead who's riding the crest of someone else's wave and not actually contributing **** all.
  4. I have a way with words.
  5. If it's Hodgson, Pardew or some other cvnt in a similar vein then I'm sorry but my season ticket card will not be used for the rest of the season for anything other than cutting up the finest powdered drugs to try and help me forget this entire ****ing nightmare.
  6. Tbh Ranieri doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who'd tell all anyway. Even if he's been ****ed over by our bunch of lazy cvnt players he still wouldn't throw them under the bus. You can tell by his statement that he isn't going to do that.
  7. **** off m8. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  8. Signed.
  9. They ****ing better be. They'd better come out of the traps like a dog with a ****ing firework up it's cvnt on Monday night. If they've got Ranieri sacked and then put in a pathetic joke of a performance then I will literally walk down to the ground and rub my shit all over their car door handles.
  10. Honestly mate, I just don't understand how people don't get this. You've spelt it out so clearly above but people just can't wrap their heads around the difference and why this isn't a comparable situation. Football doesn't attract the most intelligent of fans though, tbf.
  11. Thank you Claudio. I'm very much of the opinion that your time was up - for whatever reason, whatever you did to lose the confidence of the players and staff or whatever they did to you - it all felt so helpless and irreparable. I wanted nothing more than for everyone to pull together and for all of us to continue on the 'fairy-tale' journey but that just wasn't meant to be. Irrespective of this poor season, I will always hold you in the highest of regards and fondest of memories - you bought something to our club that nobody else could have done - your magic at the right time, in the right place - truly amazing. I doubt we will ever experience anything quite like it again. Not quite sure why I've typed that out like he's going to read it - I just hope that he doesn't feel like he's unappreciated or unwelcome here - he will forever be a Leicester legend and hero. **** sake - let's build this man a statue. Keep your head held high Claudio - you'll always be loved in Leicester.
  12. Oh change the ****ing record mate. Kleenex have dispatched a 40ft container lorry full of tissues to your house.
  13. A shame it had to end this way but it's the right decision, without a doubt. If the players have stopped playing for him then it's the only solution. Otherwise we will get relegated and still have to change manager. Unfortunately Ranieri has done something that has managed to rattle the players and the backroom staff and his position became untenable. Hopefully we make a good appointment. I also find it weird that he didn't resign. Surely if the difference was missing out on a few quid the owners could have overlooked his contract, allowed him to resign with dignity and paid him off anyway. On the bright side my 12/1 next manager sacked came in so I'm £120 better off.