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  1. For what it's worth the only reason it shouldn't have been a penalty is because the contact is actually just outside the box.
  2. Never mind vetting, just deport them all. They don't speak our language, who knows what they could be saying?
  3. Guac and sour cream though. Burrito is more than just wrap with rice and a meat, just as fish and chips requires dousing in vinegar. Even if it weren't though it's still superior to Britain's third (at most) best dish
  4. How on earth has fish and chips made it this far? It's not even the best British dish (Sunday roast or the full English breakfast). Anyway, burritos are brilliant: had curry burritos last night (tandoori chicken, refried beans, mango chutney) and they were solid. Can't do fusion with fish and chips can you.
  5. No, it doesn't. Best in this discussion is based on quality, not importance.
  6. To you perhaps. I don't much care for their idea that impartiality is based on minutes per side in coverage, it gives far too much air time to quacks like anti-vaccers, homeopaths, creationists and the like, but they do make every attempt to be impartial; they're hardly an obviously biased outlet like the guardian or the mail.
  7. Seems fairly obvious he's on about the people who feel the need to go "#religionofpeace strikes again " before an attack has even been confirmed; because of course there's huge benefit in immediately blaming a group of people before any facts are known.
  8. It's an absolute pain finding leftie guitars. Other option is doing a Hendrix. Buy a right handed guitar, get a left handed nut and saddle (not that expensive - you'd be looking maybe 20-30 quid combined) and just flip it. Would be a pain if you're playing right up the neck around the 20th fret, but for the most part it'd do.
  9. That's because there's no Woodward or Bernstein on the moon
  10. If the BBC are so vehemently remain and biased against brexit then why didn't they call out the constant lying (Turkey, 350m etc.) from the leave campaign during the campaigning?
  11. Am I missing half a conversation here? Who are you replying to?
  12. For the record, people laughed at Bournemouth signing Josh King because he'd scored 8 league goals in 90 appearances in the championship. His record in the championship is 3x worse than Iain Humes was for us, and him being signed by a prem side when he left us would have been laughable.
  13. Don't remember that. Remember him getting sent off for returning the ball to the centre circle after conceding though. And despite that Jon Moss somehow became a top flight referee...
  14. Nelson Mandela? Formed a terrorist organisation that killed a fair few but I'm sure a lot would see him as a hero.
  15. Got the brexit email last night- no work permits after the end of the season I'm in (18/19). So, if I were to go mad with precontracts for young players on the continent in the January window (So, harvesting the youth squads) to join in the summer would I still get them?