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  1. You will just be getting in then from Wednesday night!?😁
  2. Cheers mate. Will check with the driver tomorrow. After 2 days on the beer, I hope we don't need to set off too early on the Thursday!
  3. Not exactly sure yet we need to check with the driver on Tuesday. Assuming its about a 2 hour journey I expect we will leave about 730am on the Thursday
  4. We are going to Seville on tuesday, we land in malaga at 1105am on Tuesday
  5. Hi mate. We have a 15/16 seater minibus going to Malaga from Seville on Thursday morning (our flight is 1140am on the Thursday). We have a couple of spaces available on the bus (13 people confirmed so far). Cost is a total of €375 so if there's 15 of us it will work out at €25 each.
  6. I have 1 ticket available for today's game, lower tier,face value, can meet in London
  7. HI I would take the 2 and sell the other one to "Inquisitor" Whereabouts in Leicester are you? Thanks
  8. would you be willing to split and sell them individually, i only need 1? Thanks
  9. Still a few places left on this minibus if anyone fancies it?
  10. If anyone has a spare today I will gladly take it. Will be in derby from 3 so can meet up. I won't have access to forum due to scrap WiFi on phone so please contact me on 07795491243 if any spares. Thanks.
  11. We are on easyjet, flying from Liverpool. But the flight arrival and departure times are very similar to the stansted ones.
  12. We have a 16 seater minibus booked from Malaga to Seville on Tuesday 21st Feb (we land in Malaga at 11.05am) and returning on Thursday 23rd Feb (we fly back from Malaga at 11.40am) Total cost all in is €750. We have 10 places confirmed so still 6 available, if anybody is interested please let me know. Obviously the more people we get the cheaper it is per person. If we can fill it, it will be approx €47 per person.
  13. 4 of us land in Malaga at 1105 on Tuesday 21st and getting flight back at 1145 on Thursday 23rd - would be interested in the minibus option. Train is about £58 each return from what I can see (unless anyone can get cheaper?) so £33 each for minibus seems decent
  14. As the Liverpool street train to white hart lane is over ground, are seperate rail tickets needed or are oyster cards/contactless valid?
  15. in agreement with so much of what is being said here. I've been watching Leicester for over 30 years but that half an hour at the final whistle yesterday was the best moment in all my time watching City. It felt like it was the moment we knew we were going to win it, similar to when Chris Wood got that 2nd at Burnley