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  1. Was this the same ref who gave Liverpool a penalty when Morgan blocked a cross with his face ? Terrible refereeing performance tonight
  2. Considering that you can pick your seats when you order an away ticket online now, I don't think there can really be any grounds for complaint about not getting a seat near to the back if you want to stand
  3. Managed to get myself a ticket for this! getting the Eurostar at 8:04 from St Pancras on the Wednesday. Hopefully I'll bump into some of our lot since I'm making the journey up by myself. Bit of a wounder having to leave Bruges at 5:57 the following day to make the return train though.
  4. It used to have a hilarious effect on Rob Green though, he looked almost in tears when it was aimed at him at an away game against West Ham a few seasons ago
  5. Forster's return to the side has definitely made a huge impact on Southampton's return to form.
  6. Anthony Knockaert scores for Brighton
  7. That's a bizarre decision. The only sport facilities I know in Stoke are the two football teams (one of which struggles to get 5000 a week) and a dry ski slope.
  8. lol As another Leicester fan not from Leicester I know the feeling
  9. What the actual ****?! What a strange decision to make
  10. we signed him when he was 25...
  11. That new Ghost Recon game looked pretty good in the Ubisoft presentation
  12. Argelico ****s of the famous eurosport headline
  13. The amount of people I knew my age from school who've been sucked into one of them annoying pyramid schemes. Its not the fact they've actually joined these schemes but the fact they post absolute shit about how much "residual income" they're making, some shitty text image about how anyone who works is a mug and usually a stock photo of some supercar they found on google images.
  14. What exactly is your point of posting an article that I, along with everyone else I imagine on this thread has read? It doesnt change the fact that people are insulting other players character by implying that they were just as likely to do this weird shit as these three cretins.
  15. Dunno why people use the "if it was xxxx should they get the same" argument, I'd imagine these players a professional and not as twattish as these idiots and its a bit of an insult to the players character to suggest that this could have happened to any of our players.