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  1. I'm actually going to take Barnsley up in my 2nd season this is my proudest moment. We will walk the league. Think of the best team you've ever seen and then times it by two and it's my Barnsley side.
  2. Argentina have no excuse. Surely the best set of attackers on the planet and they're garbage.
  3. I honestly don't think we would have done. We were in complete freefall.
  4. Ranieri taking us into the bottom three, not taking kick offs into account, would've been based on how we did v Liverpool. Under him? A nailed on defeat.
  5. I can't believe how effective basic 4-4-2 is. Two attacking wingers, advanced forward and defensive forward, standard back four, BBM & roaming playmaker. That formation, used for half a season at Barnsley, had me 2nd in the table for that half of the year after being 22nd in the first half of it. Used to love that formation on the old FM. Think it was 11 I took Peterborough to the latter rounds of the Champions League using it, a really basic formation with two rapid forwards and two rapid wingers. Over-powered. Speaking of over-powered, Nahki Wells got 47 goals for Huddersfield on my save
  6. I had it for a game last year, Atletico v Astana I think it was. It did come in but I spent the 90 minutes worrying they'd pinch a goal. Don't like the way you've got a 90 minute wait knowing that your bet could be over in an instant. Think the luckiest one of these I had was Norwich v Middlesbrough in the play-off final. I had under 2.5. Check what happened
  7. Kante wasn't an international when we signed him. Strangely your two arguments only make me think Gray is more likely to be on what I said. It doesn't entitle him to a new deal every time he has a good game but he joined us when we were top of the league. He isn't going to be on Championship level wages. £20k absolute minimum I'd guess. If we really do only have a £12mil release clause in his contract then it shows yet again what awful negotiators we are. There is not a single club in the league minus possibly Hull (and we all agree they're a joke off the pitch) that would only get £12mil for Gray in this market. Southampton would pocket double.
  8. I'm no lover of bets like that, or unders. Quite simply because you know you've got to wait the entire game for your potential win whereas with BTTS and overs it can be done by half time.
  9. Now we're talking! If he really is this good it'll be a test to see what our path to the first team is like for youngsters. I think we've often flattered to deceive here really so I'd like to see him get some first team opportunities next year. Again, if he is as good as you're saying he is.
  10. If Gray is on under £20k a week I will be amazed. I reckon probably nearer £30-35k. Absolutely not a chance is it £10k or under.
  11. Seeding is necessary but I do think we need a bit of a reshuffle. Games like that one earlier were just a farce and it's gone on for years. I wonder if we play preliminary groups and eventually chop it down to 24 teams left, 6 groups of 4, top 2 going through each group qualifies for the World Cup and then some kind of play-off to determine who gets the 13th spot. This weekend's game just wasn't worth having a break from league fixtures for. Not for us, not for Lithuania's players, not for the vast majority who played. Farce.
  12. That is actually how bad it has gotten for England now. We'd probably consider going through to the last 16 of the World Cup as a non-disaster. I don't think Southgate's doing badly but it's hard to judge really. Games like today you're on a hiding to nothing. It was wank but the whole thing was a procession. There was quite literally no way it wasn't going to be rubbish. They've got to consider giving the whole thing a bit of a shake up. Far too many games like today's which all in all are a bit of a farce. To think we've disrupted the domestic season for that nonsense.
  13. Loads of people could've seen this coming with the new TV deal. If we were operating without taking into account the fact the next window we were likely to sell any of these players in would've been when the deal kicked in then more fool us.