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  1. Benalouane as a signing has never made a jot of sense. We paid decent money for that bloke.
  2. Develop another effective way of playing. If we don't then we'll eventually drop even if it's not this year. In the league I think we'll be just about OK this year because Swansea, Hull, Sunderland and Palace really are absolute tripe. For all I think we've played awfully too often this season, we do get the odd result and it'll be enough to keep us up I think. Champions League I expect us to go out, and there's no shame in going out to Sevilla, but I'll be very disappointed if we go out with another rollover performance. FA Cup I want taking seriously, but I don't expect us to.
  3. I think it was probably a mix of their awful start and Pearson and Morris clashing. Just think it was poor timing in general. I say with confidence three years of Pearson would have them higher up than three years of McClaren, but when you start so badly and look like you could actually take a side who normally pushes for promotion down whilst hardly ever scoring, it's hard to believe in that.
  4. Hands up if you're enough of a twat to have £25 on Algeria to win the tournament They're surely out. They need a very unlikely swing of results to progress here.
  5. Musa shoots too much?! I think the complete opposite
  6. He seems to lose that confidence every time he starts another game. I'm not convinced he'll ever make it here unfortunately.
  7. I'm surprised by quite how bad Bravo has been. He's come with a pretty good track record prior to playing in England. Stones, some people seem to really rate and I'm just not seeing it. I don't care how good he is on the ball if he's making this many errors defensively, there is absolutely nothing he can contribute on the ball as a centre half that makes up for such regular poor defending. He's not the only problem though, the entire back line is garbage. Fernandinho's a far bigger miss for them than people think. That side needs a bit of an overhaul I think. Even Aguero isn't what he was. If they got a sizeable offer for him I'd seriously contemplate it if I was them.
  8. Still think Pep will eventually get it right in England. It's turning into a bit of a disaster this year though, looking very likely they don't even get in the top four. You've got to ask questions of their summer business. What exactly have they got for all of that money?
  9. Maintain what I've always said about him, decent finisher but little else, in the right team he will get you goals but don't expect anything else.
  10. I think in a list of things I'm bothered about that happened today, this ranks somewhere around 589th.
  11. I prefer Pearson's philosophy quite comfortably. That is despite the miracle of last season. Pearson was no master tactician, but he installed some fundamentals at this club that would make his job easy. He bought players of a particular character, players who had something to prove and would give everything to go the way of proving whatever that was. He would ensure his squad had this mindset, and he would weed out anyone who didn't no matter how important they were to the team at the time (and I think that could've been his undoing at Derby). He's well with the times in terms of things such as sports science and he had a fantastic backroom team. When you install such a philosophy into a club, you make the unlikely possible. He was favourite to be sacked the year we got 102 points and he kept us up from what seemed an impossible position - granted, he had a lot of responsibility to take for us being in that position and he could've very easily been booted earlier on. He let his frustration boil over a few too many times that season. Ranieri has come in and taken over the foundations Pearson laid, and he added a real tactical nous to it. His nature was exactly what the side needed to keep it going, and the fixtures fell in such a way that we more and more thought... we could actually do something here. Ranieri was excellent last season and did exactly what he should've done time and time again. Clever with the media, ruthless with the players despite the jovial nature, he kept it all ticking over brilliantly and no-one can ever take that away. But if you're talking philosophy, I see very little there. I just don't see any plan with this team going forward. When is the last time we put in two good performances in a row? I see no clear direction in the transfer market, I see a team without anywhere near the hunger they had last season and under Pearson, I see a team that have been battered five times this season and beaten by the majority of the bottom half. It's been my belief all along that Ranieri's timing couldn't have been better, and his handling couldn't have been better, but the fundamentals of his management aren't taking us forward anymore. It isn't just the fact we've been garbage this season, if we stay up and keep Ranieri, I expect it'll be more of the same - more millions wasted and Leicester near the bottom. I tend to look forward rather than back and I would be lying right now if I said I thought we were progressing as a team under him. Pearson will never achieve what Ranieri did here, but I genuinely feel Pearson was a safer pair of hands, and I prepare to be shot down.
  12. Some of it's ludicrous as well. "I hate this" when a 17 year old signs a contract on £200 a week?
  13. I've started a save as Honved. The Mighty Magyars are coming back* * I'll be sacked in November and end up taking a job in the second tier of Romania.
  14. Where's this belief come from that there's only two formations? He picks a wrong one for a game, then he picks another one, which is also wrong, and people are moaned at because they complained that the first one was wrong? He didn't match up to Chelsea either. Chelsea play a 3-4-3, we played 3-5-2, leaving two of our forwards against three of their centre halves. The biggest flaw in our system was how utterly easy it was to defend against. Simple discipline from Chelsea and they were going to get that clean sheet. The midfield three offered absolutely nothing going forward, the wide men were only going to offer crosses that they will either intercept if they're in behind, or head away if they're in the air. There was no flair or guile from any of our players either, none who had the magic to open a team up. Not until Gray came on. We had quite literally one way of scoring yesterday and this is against a side who keeps clean sheets for fun. All it takes is one mistake (which sure enough we delivered very early doors) and the entire plan is ruined. You can't have so little attacking threat combined with a proven to be unreliable defence and expect anything other than defeat. It's the second league game in a row I've come away from the ground and wondered where in Ranieri's eyes, barring a freak such as a 30 yarder or defensive howler, was a Leicester goal going to come from. It was complete garbage.
  15. Good question that actually. Be inclined to say Leeds the year they won here in the cup 0-6.