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  1. Sven was an absolute fraud. The worst of the lot. Thank god we got rid when we did.
  2. Sick to ****ing death of supposed "levels". It's all utter bollocks. How can you believe in that after last year?
  3. Very nicely done. Agree with the lot of it.
  4. Not every game no. Generally ones that are before 60 minutes and look like a goal is coming in. There's definitely a luck element but I think they're way too quick to give you a price like 2/5 personally.
  5. So utterly futile it's untrue.
  6. It'll be when the likes of Russia and China's windows are closed, which I think is within a week.
  7. I'm going to once again say overs in play are the absolute king. I am winning hundreds doing this.
  8. @Donut - SC Braga.
  9. Good. **** them all. And **** anyone who cares more about what others think than ourselves.
  10. They're wrong then aren't they.
  11. Very wise words from him. Well said.
  12. More than anything, I think we need to seriously try and work on a new approach as a club going forward. I didn't buy what Ranieri was about when we appointed him. I saw him as a bit of a short-termist, on the way down as a manager and only really brought in because he was a name manager like Sven. I was prepared to see what he could do, and what panned out was quite incredible. He was the perfect man at the perfect time. But this season I completely lost any faith in him taking us forward as a club. The foundations that were there that served him so well were being ripped apart. The staff were going and the dressing room was falling to pieces. Leicester need to first of all, bin Rudkin. Make all the defence of him you want, and "how do you know what he's doing wrong" but it's not what he's doing wrong, it's what he's not doing right. Not a single person on here can defend the Wague signing. That signing completely epitomises everything we've become - careless, complacent and desperate. When you see Southampton losing their star players every single summer and nearly always staying comfortably afloat, you have to look at what they're doing that we aren't. We need a director of football in place with a real know-how, someone who really is focused on growing this club, improving the team with clever signings, improving the academy, improving the facilities - really putting a model in place so that Leicester can sustain themselves at this level and eventually push on, just like what Sevilla have done. I stress this - read about their director of football, Sevilla are not a traditionally big or successful club, they are just very well run and are growing as a result. They lost their best players and manager in the summer for about the thousandth year running and yet they're pushing Barcelona & Real Madrid for the title. But having heard Rudkin's leading the search for the new man, well, even if we stay up I fear we're going to be having these exact discussions in a year, because that above all is the fundamental flaw.
  13. The media by and large have gotten it continuously wrong about us for ages. It wouldn't stop now.
  14. It's hit a new height today. ****ing hell. It's unbearable to read.
  15. Also, what I hope for at Leicester is something like this. Ironically, it's none other than yesterday's opponents; https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/may/17/sevilla-monchi-liverpool-europa-league-final Have a read of that. Obviously we can't get him, but I think we should do absolutely everything we can to look for someone like that to come to the club.