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  1. I don't know how some of our fans can be so bitter about a team we beat to the title.
  2. Where's everyone heading to drink pre-game? Central then getting the overground?
  3. Great boss. I'm going to be grovelling for mine to change the date of a meeting which has been in the diary for about 3 months. That's if we're drawn away 1st leg.
  4. The show was a bit of an embarrassment. He went way over the top in trying to wind Leicester fans up, but equally our fans kept biting and were spouting a load of rubbish too. They made it far too easy for him to take the pi**.
  5. Nice one. I'm sure I'll watch it back many times.
  6. Outdid ourselves there. So loud and such a constant noise. Their lot looked like they made a racket yet I only heard them once or twice from SK1. How did it come over on BT?
  7. Slim and Gray for Shinj and Riyad.
  8. It looks as though the club has put foil on every seat including he South Stand. Is this going to affect the Tifo?
  9. Photoshopped.
  10. Pretty sure the ref decides pre-game now rather than a coin toss. So it'll almost definitely be infront of the Family Stand if it comes to that.
  11. Buzzing for this. Could be a very special night.
  12. I think on reflection, this was the best trip so far and the away goal just topped it off. Beautiful city, would definitely like to go back at some point.
  13. I wouldn't worry. I'm convinced that anyone that has used the words 'back stabbing' or 'snakes' in the past few days in relation to Ranieri's sacking, hasn't seen a minute of us play this season.
  14. The best result I think we can hope for is to return back to Leicester with none of our fan base having written any open letters. Be buzzing.
  15. Yeh a few hours in Seville and I'll be convincing myself we could nick it 1-0.