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  1. Got absolute shit from my free packs. Sold my Bundsliga team, just couldn't get on with them. Begovic Clyne Smalling Bailly Clichy Kante Erikson Perreya Mahrez Walcott Remy 4-3-2-1. Won my first game since the patch , 15 wins needed next weekend for gold 2
  2. Quite excited to see what I get from my weekend rewards. The changes to the schedule has worked well for me, I've got a really busy weekend lined up and nothing planned for next weekend. If i get to Gold 3 next weekend it'll be gold 2 for the month whichll be nice
  3. What's all this about revised targets?
  4. So after finishing Gold 3 for the last 3 weekends, my team has lost 6 on the spin. Lost the plot, put them all on the transfer list and I've brought a Bundesliga team for less than 20k coins.
  5. Finished Gold 3, qualifies me for next weekend and brings in some rewards. I wanted Gold 2, but I couldn't find the time to play the last 5 games, only needed 2 wins as well!
  6. Spot on
  7. Jimmy Snukka, aged 73. One minute he's a Superfly, the next he's eaten by flies.
  8. No, last weekends league classes as January buddy.
  9. Buzzing to get my monthly reward later, it'll only be 1 silver ToTW player, hoping for someone decent so I can make some coinage.
  10. Packs dropped, absolute tripe. Muslera & Rashford, are the only 2 players worth more than 1.1k. At least the 30k coins help
  11. Currently at Gold 3, with 9 games to go which I'm happy with as it's automatic entry to next weekend + the rewards. I started to stop enjoying playing this as I was focussing too much on being rigid and hard to break down which meant when the opposition scored a fluke 90th minute winner, it sickened me. So I've gone back to basics, pace pace pace and just attack, attack, attack. If you score 5, I'll score 6
  12. A lower league team at home, Rochdale, Sutton, Wimbledon, Derby or Lincoln. £10 adults, kids for a £1. Full house, easier chance of progressing to the next round. Cup win > a decent away.
  13. Just played against someone who had a front 3 of: Benzema (Hunter) Griezman (Hunter) SBC Lacazette Lacazette was untouchable !
  14. Sounds like me So far in the weekend league, I started with my premier league team, they all got sold and I brought a Ligue 1 team. I soon got bored of that and sold it and replaced it with a Turkishliga team, now I'm back in the premier league
  15. See the reddit post above. If that's true, that'll be why.