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  1. @Firegrande is superb. Having a conversation with himself. Despite several replies questioning him, he ignores everyone and soldiers on
  2. He looked at the world peacefully to avoid being prosecuted. He was a murdering, terrorist scumbag. If Bin Laden (before he died) came out and tried to make peace, would he be a hero? What about Hitler?
  3. He was a terrorist. Not sure what's peaceful about that.
  4. Good
  5. BRET SCREWED BRET. Oh hang on, that's 20 years too late. NASRI SCREWED NASRI.
  6. Can we get @GaelicFox in here to sort this mess out. I think he'd make a great ref
  7. Or a Shakespeare quote
  8. Decent performance and a decent result, absolute limbs when big Clint Hill hit the back of the net. Lets see how Celtic re-invest in the summer because I can see Sinclair, Dembele & Tiernan all moving on.
  9. are we staying up YES NDIDI
  10. In light of this permanent ban, I suggest we hold a candle-lit vigil for @MattP and a minute silence in the Liverpool game Monday. Its what he would have wanted
  11. Lower budget? He spent £37 million last season and £27 million this season. Thats a total of £64 million in 2 years.
  12. Added: Spinarak Wooper Piloswine Furret Ladyba Aipom
  13. Decent morning. Sentret Hoothoot Crobat Natu Xatu Murkrow Gilgar Swinub Remoraid