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  1. Added: Spinarak Wooper Piloswine Furret Ladyba Aipom
  2. Decent morning. Sentret Hoothoot Crobat Natu Xatu Murkrow Gilgar Swinub Remoraid
  3. It's out now gentlemen. This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. WE HAVE NEXT GEN
  4. SBC Giovinco is a bastard. I think it's the Sporting Kansas one, you can only have 5 Americans in the team. The issue is, they sold 3 'non-Americans' in the transfer window. I don't think they have 6 'non-Americans' in their squad which makes it impossible.
  5. I bet if you use your nose you could spend that much
  6. My budget premier league team has walked Division 2. 6-3-1, gains me qualification for next weekends league. POTM Alli is fire
  7. I've been doing the SBC's and I've enjoyed them. I completed the POTM one this morning and got Delle Alli. It wasn't cheap, but he's worth it. I also sold my whole team and decided I was going to see it this game really is, skill / luck or both and if the quality of players impacts you or if you just need a solid formation. I've rebuilt a premier league team, using the following criteria: No player can be brought from the transfer market for more than 2k coins. I can use any player obtained from packs. Schmichael Prodl Stones Martins Indi Bolasie Kante (packed) Mendy Oxlade-Chamberlain POTM Alli Welbeck Perez I switched to a 3-4-1-2 & tinkered with my tactics. I didn't qualify for the weekend league this week due to work commitments in the week and only finishing Silver 1 last weekend, so I took to task on Seasons. I was in division 3, with 3 points and 5 games remaining. I won all 5, scoring 28 goals in the process. Bring on division 2.
  8. Only finished Silver 1 last weekend because I was out all day Saturday & Sunday, so I wasn't expecting anything from my rewards. Kante & POTT Salah.
  9. Heard something very similar to this, I'm gonna track my game by game results, keep the same team and see how it compares next week. Just to see if there's any correlation.
  10. Begovic Rose Zouma Mustafi Williams Bellerin Gundogan Can Cazorla Vardy Perez Im finding I'm struggling with the 'better' players, Otamendi, Walker, Cech, Costa & Kante, none really seem to fit in.
  11. Load of shit for Gold 2, best player I pulled was probably Inaki Williams! I also quick sold 10 rare gold contracts and 5 squad fitness cards by mistake
  12. The Omen.
  13. Maybe change your tactic / style if you're struggling to win more games. Where do you usually finish?
  14. Gold 2 for the week and the month. Hoping for a decent pull from the packs, I want to bring in Lloris & Tourè.
  15. Currently on 17 wins, 1 to secure Gold 3. 4 away from Gold 2, 10 games left. Secured gold 2 for the month which might give me something decent.