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  1. Very strange as you say, given Sevilla hit 165. Hope you manage to get out there one way or another
  2. Crunching the numbers based on the input from HarryLCFC and Leicester69 (great work chaps btw! ), there's at least 500 more tickets left than at the equivalent sales stage for Sevilla. Given there was only 365 extra tickets in the allocation, sales are slightly slower this time around. Important to note though that this weekend is still open to 175+ sales, so we could well catch back up to Sevilla pace by the time the 170+ window opens on Monday morning (there was no proper "weekend break" in sales for Sevilla so hard to predict how this will play out) If the Sevilla sales trend continues, this will hit 160+, with 150+ a reasonable chance. Big unknowns at this stage: How accurate the sales figures are (what we do know is that the numbers of seats left at any given time is a minimum, as we cannot tell what is a sold seat and what is a 'held back' seat) How many fans we have in the 165+ or 160+ brackets (given a lot of the big domestic aways and Copenhagen have hit at least 150+ would lead me to believe there are not as many as you'd think) Hope that helps!
  3. Thomas Cook sales are limited by aeroplane capacity, not match tickets. TC would find it almost impossible to simply lay on another flight - they'd need another plane, spare capacity at Madrid airport, airport fees etc, and that's assuming all seats would sell
  4. You could come up with a rough estimate based on users here on FT, if the sample size was large enough. If there was say 300 STHs on here and x had over 190 points, y had 181 to 190, z had 171 to 180, etc, you could just scale up the numbers for 23,000 STHs and you'd have a rough idea. You could also use some of the info from some of the smaller aways in recent seasons, Bournemouth, Burnley etc, if they sold out at say 180+ then there's obviously a minimum number of 180+ right there.
  5. Re: 150+, there's two things at play: 1) Whether it even makes the 150+ bracket, and just as important, 2) the ratio of tickets available versus the number of eligible buyers will be fricking huge!
  6. Not worth reading too much into greyed out seats - across a number of CL games it seems quite random that patches of seats get greyed out from time to time, only to then become available in the future. It may simply be blocks of seats set aside for telephone sales or ticket office walk-ins. I gave up a while ago trying to work out the strategy of our ticket office! Surely basic logic would dictate that Madrid, with higher ticket prices, a bigger allocation and a smaller notice period to the game, will sell out later than Sevilla?
  7. I think it will - Sevilla made 165 and look how the sales in the 170 and 175 brackets dropped off for that. Wouldn't be at all surprised if this made 150.
  8. No. Tried via the Rocket app as well so no idea why it wouldn't work. Luckily I have a Spanish colleague at work who has sorted me out instead
  9. Ah interesting, RBS is international so that could be the difference. I'd imagine HSBC or Barclays would be similar. Thanks for the info!
  10. But how did you pay? A UK bank? That's where my payment keeps getting declined, presumably because it's detecting a UK account?
  11. How did you do it? My card payment keeps getting rejected!
  12. Sevilla scraped through to 165 so with more tickets and only 3 weeks to the game, I'd guess 160 would be the limit. Maybe 150 but it would be an absolute frenzy
  13. Presumably they are e-tickets?
  14. On paper it was a great move for West Ham to make; in the real world it could well end up crippling their club. They sold a lot of ST's but they were heavily incentivised; can't see those numbers being sustained over the next 10 years, which could lead to a lot of trouble for them
  15. The deal got agreed pretty quickly and we had to wait until January to announce it - Kante's took forever, presumably due to negotiations on the clauses which we eventually backed down on, so hopefully you are right!