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  1. This. It's the people who cared most about your father-in-law who matter the most. It will only be a brief message, presumably, but I'd choose words carefully - words that you're comfortable with but that your wife, and any brothers/sisters-in-law or mother-in-law will relate to. Families and individuals all differ, but I'd be inclined to choose original words that will ring true to his closest family. I don't think any harm is done by using generic phrases, but it might mean more to closest family if they feel that some real (if brief) thought has been given as to who your father-in-law was and what particular qualities of his were recognised and appreciated by those who cared most. I'm sure the day needn't be too sad and stressful, even for your wife, hopefully. Once the tense emotions of the services were over, I quite enjoyed the reception after my parents' funerals - the chance to connect to relatives and friends too rarely met, to remember happy or amusing days with the person who is gone etc.
  2. I had to Google this as I was aware of Irish English using a different sense of "cute": e.g. "he's a cute whore", meaning "he's a cunning bugger". Seems that it's also used in North American English, so this is probably just more creeping Americanization of English: North American informal Clever or cunning, especially in a self-seeking or superficial way. ‘she had a real cute idea’ ‘the two brothers were cute enough to find a couple of rich women and marry them’ My contribution. I have to laugh every time a footballer is interviewed and says: "credit to the lads, they set their stall out"....which is quite often.
  3. Sorry to hear about this, Ken. Must be very upsetting. Look after yourself.
  4. Meatballs are mainly made from minced bellends, aren't they?
  5. I'd have been more impressed if you'd climbed Ben Nevis AFTER eating a deep-fried Mars Bar, Mac.....though you'd have then been a candidate to feature in your own death statistics. @Buce is generous calling me "early 50s" - "early" has definitely crept into "mid".
  6. A digression...... I wonder what became of acooling08, who started this thread in 2012? 4000+ posts over 5 years between 2008 and 2013, then he vanishes. Did he suddenly get sick of FT? Get a permanent ban? Get banged up? Start supporting a different team? Win the lottery and move to the Bahamas? Drop dead? I understand people trying it for a short while, then buggering off, or people deciding to only visit occasionally.....or just deciding to quit, I suppose. I'm sure there are a few interesting stories behind the sudden disappearance of regular posters. I'm half way through "The Fallen", a book about all the people who have been in The Fall (group) since the 1970s, why they left, what they're doing now etc. Someone should do a bit of research and write a book about the disappeared posters of Foxes Talk....a bestseller, I tell you.
  7. Zonal Marking or Man to Man Marking?
  8. A major figure in rock 'n' roll history. One day you're telling Beethoven to roll over.....the next day you're telling Beethoven to roll over.
  9. I turned down the chance to become a snake charmer for a circus because of how they treated the snakes. I'm planning to take over as City manager in the summer as I understand they treat snakes well.
  10. While I'm on a run posting vids of mid/late-80s alt-pop bands with female vocalists, how about some Voice of the Beehive? Sorry if I've already posted...I'm getting on a bit.
  11. I don't think any of them existed for more than about 2-3 years (mid/late-80s) so blink and you'd easily have missed them. I never saw Motorcycle Boy but saw the other 2 several times. Both had decent live followings & indie sales, but imploded before they could make it big. A shame as they did some good stuff. I actually prefer them to similar bands from that era who did have hits: e.g. Primitives, Transvision Vamp (good stuff, but a bit less bite and originality for me).
  12. A 70s songs, but performed much, much more recently....