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  1. I would say meeting them at that stage of their career was a much better situation. To me, this would have been the ultimate.
  2. One of the funniest things I heard from an old Leicester City legend was when we were in a taxi in London and he told me of the time him and his brother in law were driving in the country and he ran over a deer. They got back home and started to have a few beers with the BBQ, so they decided to drive back and pick the deer up for the BBQ. When they got there, it weighed a ton, took an eternity to put in the boot of the car, and they drove back with their booty. Took it out the boot, round the back of the house and looked at it and wondered how best to deal with it. After a few more beers and trying to work out what to do, they phoned a friend for advise, who told them that it would have needed to be cut up within the hour and so it was now dangerous to eat. So they put the burgers on the BBQ instead, while wondering what to do with dead deer that was laying on the patio. Safe to say, their wives were not impressed. I was laughing my nuts off when he told me.
  3. I just got back my Satellite Les Paul Copy that I had 36 years ago. Gave it my cousin about 15 years ago. Great to have it back as it was so precious getting it in the first place. Have a Gibson True Historic LP59, Fender American Deluxe HSS Strat, Gibson SG Standard. But you know what, seeing that knackered old LP copy sitting back on the stand is amazing, as at the time, it meant the world.
  4. Anyone got one? Great to look at, nice to play, what you got and why did you get it?
  5. Does everyone now realise that Ranieri wasn't the catalyst to us winning the league? I mentioned as early as November that Ranieri was unravelling what Pearson had put in place, and that Ranieri should be sacked as he was changing too many things. Not many may have seen the posts as a number of them got removed, probably because it was seen as anti club, or anti Ranieri who many saw as god for delivering us the title. I was aware of changes taking place and it was clear on the field that we were going backwards at a fast rate of knots. I have said it before and I say it again, the one that nobody liked because of his funny haircut and his outspoken views was the man that created such a strong group that won us the title. Nigel Pearson brought everyone together, created a fantastic set up of sports science and everything else to create the perfect the perfect model for footballers to thrive. Ranieri just kept the momentum for a while, but it was the guy before him that was the instigator. Now we have Shakespeare. A very decent guy, clever, hardworking and knows what buttons to press to get the best out of these players. Easy really as he was heavily involved before, so it's just a matter of going back to how it was. So forget that Ranieri statue, and get your heads around the fact that the guy nobody liked because he didn't say the right things on the TV was the man we need to thank for all that we have right now. So we have had Pearson, then Ranieri, now Shakespeare. I hope he does well. We are guaranteed a time of commitment and going back to doing well again. The unknown is how he handles the changes in personnel etc, new players, which will be the unknown. But it it is likely he gets the gig in the summer for keeping us up and the progression in the Champions League. So forget your Ranieri statue, I thank him for what he did, but the role of Pearson and co were the real instigators to our success, and the last three games and the remainder of the season will prove that. Still unsure why my Ranieri posts got taken off though. Think it was a case of blind love towards Ranieri without wanting to see the real picture. But all sorted now, normal service resumed, just ask Kevin Phillips.
  6. I recall the unwashed and the brain dead at football matches from many years ago, when living in the red brick estates. I recall Norwich away many many years ago as a particularly bad experience. I look down on the unwashed and people who can't find their seats with just as much disdain now as I did many years ago. I am surprised you have never noticed them?
  7. I hear he is a decent guy, and he is also doing well in creating something to do when he retires, which can be particularly difficult for footballers. So good luck to him, he is trying, but this is terrible. I can imagine a few teenagers buying his t shirts, but can anyone suggest a potential buyer of these cuff links apart from perhaps his own parents. They don't fit into ANY market, not even the nichest of niche markets. Absolutely nobody would ever want a pair. Not even Bernie. He actually might want them, but couldn't afford them and hasn't got any shirts to use them. Literally no market atall, nil, zero. Christian - who on Earth have you targeted these at? And the bloke from Lanes Jewellers, I think you maybe just after publicity, because if you are any good, you also know these are non jiggers.
  8. Do a google search. They change all the time but there are usually accounts that you can stick money in for kids at a higher interest rate. But normally when it gets to about £10k they cut the interest to virtually zero. The best thing is to put in a kids ISA I am told, but again these will all change interest every year.
  9. This would be a marked improvement to the cone I try and create on a daily basis.
  10. Yes Albert, Keown was quite unsettling and keen on taking Mickeys job off him. Everything was done better at Arsenal and he wasn't shy in letting everyone know. So Shakespeare is out of order going for a job that's vacant, but he was quite happy to try and push his manager aside for his own benefits.
  11. Not sure it's how much you pay, that's the concern. I remember Francis Rossi of Status Quo being in a hair transplant advert, and he is bald. Then there is the two players who play /played for Celtic. I am aware of an ex Leicester player who had it done, and he now has a shaved head, and he is only in his thirties. Seems to me the results are dependent on the person and not what you spend. Brand new car for £30k or a decent head of hair. I know which one I would choose. But I am not sure you can guarantee the results with the hair.
  12. Gym

    Three times a week, in the diary with a personal trainer. Do it purely to ensure old age doesn't hit me, and feel much better for it. Not bothered with getting muscles or running a marathon, purely just to keep to a level so I don't go oooh and argggh when I get off the sofa. It ensures my back is much stronger than it used to be and I feel much better for it. Always pay up front so I am committed to the sessions.
  13. It bothers me going bald. I remember when I was a kid, balding blokes went for the ridiculous comb over. I however have gone for the modern version of this, which is the equally ridiculous cone. Struggling to find a decent solution, because there isn't one. Did look at a transplant, but results are at best sketchy and so don't want to do something that could potentially put me in a worse position. If it was guaranteed I would do it, but it's clearly not when you see results and as an example, it looks like Rooney's hasn't been a plain sailing job. The thing that gets me is when you see old blokes with full heads of hair with crap styles. I'd pay fortunes to be able to have their hair yet they don't appreciate it. Currently know a number 2 is around the corner, but am resisting it.
  14. This earning money from gambling is interesting. I did it for a while, just for a bit of fun as my friend used to pull about £50k a year through it. I cant remember now what I earned, but quit as I was just copying him and didn't have the inclination to carry on, but it did work. I remember putting £1000 in a pot to start with and my first bet was £700 on Serbia to beat a small team. Zigic scored in about 70th minute and I was told to cash out as soon as the goal went in. He would study the football all Friday evening and Saturday morning then text me with only about 4 teams to bet on, all singles. I remember once betting on Peterhead, he looked into so much detail. I won without fail every week, and I remember asking him to pick another four so we could make more and he said "I have spent all evening and morning studying every team, there isn't another four, this is the whole four across all divisions I think will defo win" Regullaly used to have £1000 on Barca on a Sunday night to win about £300 I think? I used to say the odds were rubbish and he told me "odds are not important, just focus on who is going to win the game and if you are sure, you will make money" We always cashed out so you always secured your win and you could relax. This guy gave it up only because he took a job for £200k a year and then opened a business. But he gave that up recently to focus on his gambling again. It definately can work, but and this is the big but. Most people in general make rubbish decisions in life constantly. And I think most wouldn't be as disciplined as this guy in making the right decisions gambling. He's naturally astute and that is a gift in itself so I think it would be rare for someone to be able to do this properly and succeeed.