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  1. "Doing the right thing in my personal and professional life" If you kept people in your business for sentimental reasons, you wouldn't have a business. Remind me never to invest in you. He also wasn't fundermental in our success, he was a part of it. It was clearly Pearson's group ethic, club structure and his group of players that won the league. Ranieri kept that together last season, and credit to him for that, but he wasn't the reason we won the league, all the hard work had been done for him. He has succesfully tinkered the team to death this season. Nobody knew from one week to the next where they were playing and putting Musa on the right against Seville showed again that he had not learned his lesson. Musa didn't close the man down for the cross, and boom goal. From being a tight group that knew when to do their next fart, they didn't know whether they were in or out, on the right or the left, or in the centre. No structure, no consistency, no results, no idea. Doing the right thing is spotting when things are going wrong and doing something about it, not about sentiment and hanging on to the past.
  2. Probably most of last seasons team wanted him gone. The tinkerman tinkered with a group that thrived on consistency and togetherness. He changed players and systems every week and they didn't know if they were in or out and where they would be playing. From knowing what they would be doing the next game, to not having a clue. The players want to win and they will be more frustrated than anyone that they are in this position and they will think with stability and togetherness they can turn this round. I am not surprised there aren't any messages, they will be hurting like the fans are, frustrated to hell. They won't have turned against him in a week, this will have been building. I can't see many messages coming forward, although on reflection a few today may feel the need to just put something down out of decency. These players want it, they just need to know where they are, get the support they used to have and we should get out of it.
  3. Let's face it, we were doomed with him a week ago. Since then we have been knocked out of the FA Cup to a team with ten men from division 3. Then yesterday we got battered. How it was 2-1 I will never know, we were dreadful as usual. Everyone is getting a bit a bit of a semi on because of the score line, but it was awful. He plays Musa on the right??? Then wonders why he didn't close down the crosser. The players don't know what they are doing from one game to the next. I now think we have a much better chance of survival and beating Sevilla than we did yesterday with Ranieri
  4. Shagorika special. Am a little surprised nobody else has chosen this as one of their favourite dish.
  5. Ridiculous, he needs to go totally and have nothing to do with the club unfortunately. You can't have old management around that have helped cause the predicament we are in. Sack him and send him home straight away. He will end up with four years money, and a PL medal, he will be fine, we aren't
  6. ISA charges may not be £1500, I don't know, but I have been charged that, or proposals have been put to me at those costs for investments they have put to me (not isas) So first year £1500, plus 2%, then second year 2%, whoever gets the money, the first two percent disappears whatever the result in the investment. Yet the same story always comes out, leave it as it is ( as I still get my commission) and it will come good in the end. I don't mind if it's a win / win, but I have looked at stuff I have done and they have made more money than me, yet it's my money. If they didn't take fees if it didn't perform then fine, but you get the same old "leave it where it is" story as they continue to take 2% costs. Like I say, with houses, estate agents only get their money when they rent the house out, so it's in their interest to do some work. But if a £100,000 pot was to decline by 5%, financial advisors still get their fees and the loss to them in actual cash terms is negliable compared to the investor. I suppose I do have more negative feelings towards them than most, as when they get you in their office they try and sell you other stuff you don't need, or try and prize your private medical insurance from you as they make a killing on that (or they did anyway). So they ain't for me I am afraid. I'll stick to houses.
  7. Pearson's group were all important and they knew that. This guy was in his group, yet Ranieri decides he doesn't want him. As well as dealing with the players, the guy would have given Pearson another view of the dressing room and the carachter in there. Just another view, which sometimes you need. Yes, Ranieri decided he wasn't needed, that the players don't need this option. They are only small things, but all the small things add to make that strong group up, and if anyone used him and benefitted from him, maybe it feels like a double loss when you need him and you can't use him as he's gone. Steve Howard's interview in the fox tells you more about Pearson's management. You wouldn't be playing, but he told you face to face, he left you knowing why and you didn't feel down. Ranieri swaps and changes and you don't know where you stand. It's at times like this the psychologist could have helped, and maybe he helped Pearson on how to talk to each player. Psycholgist a bigger loss than you think
  8. Brilliant
  9. Did London two weekends ago. Blew close to £3000 in two nights. You can't really do London on the cheap, you will feel awkward whenever you go anywhere as everything is expensive. Get a train in, watch a matinee, go for a meal in Soho and get yourself back on the late train. But if you think you can do it cheap, you won't enjoy it if you see money disappearing from your pocket. The cheaper hotel rooms are like shoe boxes, and some expensive ones are too.
  10. Financial Advisors take a payment up front for the advise. Usually these days about £1500. Then if you invest in something, they take about 2% a year on your investment. So basically the investment has to make 2% for you to stand still. i don't mind this to a degree, but if it doesn't grow, they still get their 2% so basically they will always be okay. Their advice is always the same, which is, keep the investment for the long term. Which basically means they carry on getting their 2% and they don't have to do anything. I know the structure of how they work has changed over recent years, but they still get percentages, but now it's open and it's off your investment and clear to see, but they still get a percentage for just sending out a letter every year telling you how well your investment has done. If you are in property and can afford to do it, estate agents only take a fee if they do a job. They earn their crust when they rent a property out, they take percentages, but if they do not rent it out they get nowt. Capital gains tax tax is relevant to housing and investments. So that applies to both.
  11. Belly farts
  12. The only real option is if we got Pearson back and seen if we could recreate that siege mentality. The players are good enough. Apart from one, they won the Premier League. And without Kante we went on a massive run to maintain our Prem status the year before. Bring him back, he will take the pressure of the players, lock the doors and create that tight group we had before. If there are any any outside influences, he will be strong enough to keep them out of the way. Its a long shot, but a better option to that of keep dithering and watching players not perform. All through the Pearson survival season we fought, even when it went against us. Its our only hope, as seeing few interviews proves we are shot to pieces.
  13. If you have a fair job, these are what has worked for me. 1. Always pay off debt (including mortgage) before saving money, as it's always more costly to borrow. 2. Along with the above, keep a small slush fund for emergencies. 3. Over pay your mortgage every month to bring that debt down considerably. 4. Put as much in your pension as possible as this is tax free. 5. If you have money, but property and rent it out. This is not as easy as it looks, you need to learn. 6. When you look at property, learn off others, don't take advice from estate agents as they want to sell you something. 7. Financial advisors sell products, do not fall into the trap of thinking these are people you need. It is not a positive having a financial advisor, I have met loads and they are just salesmen who use a posh title to earn commission off you. Avoid wherever possible.
  14. Fans like me not going to help us....... Give me strength. Have you seen the mess we are in? Have you seen the progress our competitive set are making? Unfortunately we are not like Liverpool in the 70's, for starters they didn't win the league one year and the following year were in complete turmoil like we are at the moment. Cant really recall a time that model last worked, maybe the 70's or 80's. Like I have said, the world is full of people like you that prefer not to do anything, and can't see the problems.
  15. I'd have Big Sam to get us out of this mess above Ranieri without question. I see he is not finding it easy at Palace, but he has worked well at the bottom end of the Prem for years, whereas Ranieri hasn't .