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  1. Constantia Cottage - Greek restaurant is a must visit at East Runton. Family run, lovely food and then they get up on stage. Weird that this goes on in East Runton, but it does and it's ace
  2. I would cull all dogs. I recall my mate and his wife bringing their puppy round one Christmas Eve. It was weeing all over the kitchen floor and they were saying it was because it gets excited. I am pretty sure they would have been offended if I weed all over their kitchen floor whenever I got excited. Vile things.
  3. Football management is very difficult, and even if you are good at it, you can fail at times if you don't have the right squad and are unable to change it. Pearson was brilliant for us, created a team ethic, where you had to fit in and work as a group, and if you didn't, you were history. The group needed to be strong, and he doesn't have time for individualism. Hence Gradel didn't last long and Knockaert took a while to manipulate and bring around to his way of thinking. Also, yes he was big on the sports science, and would have a very good idea who would be substituted based on the training the players had during the week. As an example, the sports science people would inform him of who was likely to tire and need replacing. Tactically I don't think he was great, but creating a strong group is extremely difficult, and he did that very successfully. Ranieri tactically is a much better manager, he is also liked by the players and so these attributes created that perfect situation for us to win the league with the help of the group that Pearson created. The issue with Ranieri I think is the group may now not be as strong. Many new faces with the group mentality not being as important. Tactically excellent, but not sure he is the man for a relegation battle and not sure what the future holds for us. Don't know why people tell us to forget Pearson. He was instrumental in us winning the league. He created the group. It was a massive story and it happened recently and so its worth talking about.
  4. David Nish has been very ill recently. Had a knee operation that had complications and think it was touch and go for a few days. Glad to report he is on the mend now though.
  5. Just remembered having a chat with Andy Peake once. Was a policeman in Market Harborough
  6. Would love to know what happened to him. Disappeared off the face of the earth, yet was a great squad player, as hard as nails. With everyone on here, couldn't we do a bit of digging and see if we can find out what happened to The Coat. I think he will have headed back North, but I don't have a clue where. Wheres The Coat?
  7. Who you bumped into in employment after they have retired? Colin Hill - tried to flog me a box down at the old Filbert Street when I worked at a Leicester company. He worked in the commercial department for a short time. Jimmy Walsh - bought a paper off him at his newsagents down Churchgate. Lenny Glover - served me a few pints in his pub in Smeeton Westerby. Colin Gibson - discussed tax matters with him on one occasion. What ex players have you bumped into who had a new job after football?
  8. Yeah, can't remember why, but defiantly spent some time inside. I remember clearly that game. The day before I remember saying I would be happy with a 2-0 loss the difference in class was that different. Henderson was okay, but slow and couldn't find the net. Pretty poor by today's standards. But part of my childhood, so fond memories.
  9. That can't be right. Own brands didnt start hitting the market until the 1970's, yet branded crisps were sold way before that in the 1940's. Golden Wonder and Walkers started off around the same time I think, and that is where the colours started. The pack colours these two branded companies chose were decided way before the development of own label. GW always have had Cheese and Onion as green, whereas Walkers always have had blue. Interesting to know that until the late 1980's, Walkers was just a regional brand. It took them until around 1990 before they started taking dominating the market. Not a clue why the colours are different.
  10. In the middle, but one thing I will say, I find people in the North much friendlier than those in the South. Always have done. Really think there are regional differences in how people behave and interact. Spending more time in the North East and the people do appear nicer. Yet when you travel south, just don't get that comfortable feeling, particularly Essex, London way. I am sure there is something in this, and I do recall in my younger days being given the London patch to work in to test me, as that was the most cut throat. And it certainly was. So I am a midlander, but feel more comfortable with those in the north.
  11. Genuine nutcase, just the funniest bloke ever. He is just ace in every way possible, he better be okay, they don't make em like him anymore. Come on Birch, get sorted lad.
  12. He's a lovely bloke, genuine, mad as a hatter. He better be okay.
  13. It was not like that. He didn't cry his eyes out when he knew he was being sold. He was in tears when he went into the training ground on the last day. Got loads of stories on Anthony, everyone of them positive, he is an absolute diamond of a bloke. Great shame it didn't work out for him at Leicester in the end, but he will reach his goal and I will be so happy for him when he does.
  14. I am saying neither option is a good one. And until we stop buying papers and show we won't be treated in such a shabby way, we won't get an ideal solution. I agree that it plays in the hands of the government, but both the government (whoever is in power) and the press are not to be trusted, and we are arguing which is the worst of the two. I do though quite like to see the press squirm about though, just like I did when the expenses scandal came about, with the government squirming. Two bullies, who we bow down too, fighting amongst themselves is quite satisfying and I don't know why we should back one or the other. Just dont vote, and don't buy newspapers and then and only then will they wake up and smell the coffee.
  15. Too many people feathering their own nests, together with an arrogance that drives the youth towards other clubs. Need to understand they are not tin gods and communicate better. Perhaps then youngsters and their families might have a positive feeling towards the club. Too many stories out there of other clubs treating the kids better than we do.