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  1. there aren't any other threads. well done richie for starting one.
  2. yeah definitely.
  3. I'm glad John Percy has put something in his article about Rudkin and got something out in the open about him
  4. Bet Wague is one of those who want Pearson back
  5. do you know what's in the next update? In my network game with my mates, Tiago Ilori declared himself for Nigeria And loan players from Premier League clubs carried on playing for their U23 teams!
  6. been a while since I've used this...
  7. so what if he did? is he not allowed to? The fact that the media paint him out to be a 'voice of the people' is not Lineker's fault. Lineker expresses his opinion just like us. We all had our different emotions and a lot of them expressed on social media. Obviously his fame and history linked with Leicester will always garner attention.
  8. that article, you know.
  9. it's not even been 24 hours so....
  10. good. close thread .
  11. you missed the point where she's house-bound.
  12. how is that Lineker's fault then? He expresses his opinions as he sees fit. he's allowed to. Just because it doesn't fit with other fans views doesn't mean he can't have them. And it's not Lineker's fault that the media portray him as 'voice of the people'. For all we know he probably doesn't even want that label
  13. how does that class him as a super fan?! He's Leicester through and through and has been since he was a kid. Obviously he's in the public eye so that's who the media will go to for such an occasion. As for his numerous tweets and interview - LET HIM! Why does it bother you so much? Are you jealous that no-one came and asked you for an interview? Reality is that you're making a huge deal out of this and getting uptight about Lineker just cos you don't seem to share the same views as him.
  14. sorry but who's classed him as a super fan because he himself certainly hasn't. That's a label someone else/others have given him.
  15. Think he'll be here for a couple of weeks. Gives the owners time to make the right decision and not rush in to anything.