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  1. AFCON guarantees hilarious football moments
  2. Deal back on. Alive and is happening.
  3. Start of the current season but quite tight! Enjoying the bottom of the league, too... 6 points separate top 10!
  4. Hope Cherno Samba, Mihalis Konstantinou and Alexander Farnerud are on their way too...
  5. 4pm
  6. thought we were superb yesterday despite the shit on the pitch. best atmosphere of the season?
  7. Mahrez and Slimani unsurprisingly start against Zimbabwe.
  8. if anyone films a free-kick or a penalty they need to be binned.
  9. yep, realise that. just wondering if it made a difference of when you tutor them.
  10. nice one, Slaven. No need to apologise either! Say how you feel!
  11. now we're talking. pogs were the god's bollocks.
  12. Try actually being there! I can't understand why Slimani and Mahrez aren't playing.
  13. never ever understood why you'd go to a football match looking for a fight.
  14. Maybe to do with TV coverage? Not sure if it was done against Man City.
  15. amazing . some fans are so short-sighted.