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  1. Don't tell Ashley .
  2. I just get really sarcastic back to them. Love it if they make a typo too haha x
  3. I agree but it was my B team haha. And he had himself an 85 rated team .
  4. Haha. Don't you just love Fifa
  5. Played for the first time since update. Lost 2-1 despite absolutely dominating . Pain in the ass.
  6. WWE

    Watched the highlights of the Okada / Omega match ... Jesus it hurt just watchin it. Don't know the storyline or history or the promotion but that was one hell of a ride just watching the highlights. Id rep your a$$ If I knew how.
  7. A movie regarding the 'moon landing' worth watching is operation avelanche. It's not a documentary and not credible but worth a watch and does make you think.
  8. WWE

    That will never come back ... Wwe need to do something to bring back the hype that surrounded the attitude era. But that can't be just bringing back over the hill stars. It's a shame as growing with DX and the Hardy's was the sh!t.
  9. WWE

    Royal rumble coming up which of course means wrestlemania season. We now see the return of the deadman which is never unwelcome. They seem desperate to bring back the old big guns which is what they need as the new faces just ain't cutting it.
  10. Was my thinking man.
  11. I'd actually love the Ox here. He has the balls to go at people and can put in a delivery. It won't be him though and we have Demi who could perform that role given free reign.
  12. Could Antonio be viable as a right back with an increase in defensive rating via chem?
  13. Gonna give this a go in a minute after this film ... Which is actually great.
  14. What is a walk out exactly?
  15. Preaching to the choir brother , can I get an amen?!?!? When you are destined to loose on Fifa Ea Royal tickle ya a$$.