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  1. That Wednesday kit is lovely.
  2. Would anyone take Son from spurs as an upgrade on Oka? He's creative and works hard, knows where the goal is and apparently available at end of the season.
  3. I've lived in Stafford for 9 years and I've never heard of the lad let's hope he turns out to be our next JV.
  4. It was clearly said in jest. I wouldn't read anything into that . Enjoy the night !!!
  5. Meaningless. They are all legends after tonight. They are a team and play for each other. Great performance by nasri but even better from each and every fan. Heroes all of them and you. We are little old Leicester and we live and die fighting.
  6. Couldn't make it. Broke my heart. Alas I did break my house celebrating though. But total agreement what a display by the fans tonight. Congratulations all round !
  7. They have a game on Saturday where as we are in form and will be well rested from a weeks rest. We have no match between and after watching them seems our recent form may hurt them.
  8. Yeah read the article. Spoke about how momentum effects games and there's some law involved (which is named after the created of the law/effect.
  9. All this since the patch when they altered the defensive lines. Funny thing is my defence never sat on the end he of my box. Now however I am just on such a poor streak it's unbearable. Cant qualify for weekend league at all.
  10. Can't buy a win which is mad with the team I have.
  11. WWE

    anu Decent streams? Z
  12. Off to China he go.
  13. Want advixe for the left? Both wing and and attack.
  14. souls my solid die Bundesliga