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  1. WWE

    anu Decent streams? Z
  2. Off to China he go.
  3. Want advixe for the left? Both wing and and attack.
  4. souls my solid die Bundesliga
  5. I got I one have sold old all my German lads and now have sif mertens and Sif hazard.
  6. I'm assuming you have a seria A setup? I know that's not the name of the league. I'm ready for a change. May sell up my premier leagu/Bundesliga hybrid.
  7. Inform Hazard is all You need. Been a beast for me. He's like a flea, scored 30 and 11 assists in 43.
  8. Fingers crossed for the youth and thoughts to his family.
  9. Managed to drag Burton to a second placed finish in the premier league. Players like Januzaj, Phil Jones, Jordan spence and Moussa Dembele (Celtic) all proving influential signings. Not sure if we can challenge in the champions league with a small squad. Do have a lot of regens coming through whom I have picked up for tuppence. I do have 80 million to spend and a brand new stadium to look forward to.
  10. Hull look up for it. I hope our 5 point gap is enough. Fear it may not be.
  11. I'm happy to drop you 10k of you need it mate.
  12. I agree the negative atmosphere is toxic, I hope the players actually have a similar feeling ... Perhaps embarrassment. We we avheived the impossible last year and I cried like a baby when we lifted the trophy and the entire day at Vicky park. I am am truly worried about the state of the team at present. Everything we were lauded for last year has vanished and been replaced with the opposite. My opinion is he needs to go, maybe move him upstairs. I think the team needs a real motivator and disciplinarian to come in. A fair few of the lads seem to have developed 'big time Charley' syndrome. Claudio doesn't seem to have the character to bully them back in place and get anything near like their best from them at present. They have given up and this is what worries me most mate. Only the squad and staff have the full knowledge of where and why things have gone wrong. I can analyse performance well and tactics but that's a part of the problem in an entirely large and complex concern.
  13. I'd be forced to call the rspca . Could always stick a tube down its gob.