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  1. They've done a soundtrack to Podolski being subbed!
  2. Correct they finished 3rd in their group to Narnia, The Vatican City and Yeovil Town.
  3. Should we open a Josh King thread?
  4. Barry McGuigan and Dennis Taylor at conferences...Barry is absolutely tiny but his handshake was like being gripped by a vice, Taylor is exceptionally funny. Geoff Capes and dambusters actor Richard Todd, absolutely lovely gentleman Richard Todd was. Alan Dedicoat voice of strictly/national lottery. Met Emmerdale's Eric Pollard - Chris Chittell in Safeway (remember those!?) in the early nineties. Met Shaun Goater a few weeks ago, really nice guy. And best of all The Birch at the old Filbert Street club shop in the mid 90s, dad had to explain to me what a legend he was (Is!). He was just hanging around behind the counter having a laugh.
  5. 11 out of 24 clubs in the championsip have sacked their manager this season, with 3 teams changing their manager twice so 14 managerial changes or sackings this season. Just ridiculous.
  6. Well done Kasper, City legend.
  7. The phrase used by journos 'lets put some meat on the bones'.
  8. Reasons for his 2 game stadium ban revealed.
  9. Did you forget a link?
  10. Stafford Rangers striker, 23 years old one for the development squad it seems. http://nonleague.pitchero.com/gordon-set-become-fox/
  11. We must pick our best team at all times, no compromise.