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  1. It also seems Ranieri was. He continued to play them despite poor performances. No club has ever sacked all their players when struggling, but the managers do drop them, they do replace them. He's has had numerous matches and two transfer windows and hasn't done so. He's been given chance to arrest the slide, but shied away from it. The owners have to do what they think is best for the club as a whole. Sentiment never kept a club up, or won it trophies. Ironically sentiment for his players is probably what lost him his job.
  2. Big chance if they have someone lined up. Blackburn have just sacked Coyle and got Mowbray in in less than 24 hours and that's the Venky's, they couldn't organise BBQ in a chicken factory.
  3. The argument that he deserved to stay because of what he'd done previously as opposed to sacking him for what he's doing now, is the same idiotic one as playing Rooney for England because he's record goal scorer. I couldn't give a **** what someone did yesterday or last year or over the past decade, if you're not doing it now you deserve to be under pressure of losing your position and if things don't improve you'll rightly lose it. Maybe if Ranieri had followed that rule with his selections he'd still have a job.
  4. Actually had a mate text saying he kind of hopes we go down now!! Madness! I'm a Leicester fan through thick and thin. I'm not a Ranieri fan, or a Pearson fan or a Vardy fan etc I support my club that's the most important thing in all this. Managers and players both great and completely shite come and go, but the club stays and that's what we have to support and the owners have to protect the interests of.
  5. I was always slightlyon the fence re sacking him. If he'd stayed until the end of the season I'd have accepted it, but he could and arguably should have been sacked months ago. I guess I mean I'd have sacked him but I could see why they'd let him stay. I've heard a lot of opinions re where the club should be, and being told we're where we should now. We're not. We won the league last year, even though it was a freak season, the team finishing top of the pile cannot be so bad the following year that they are staring relegation in the face. I don't think his recruitment built on the success very well, and that just adds fuel to the fire in terms of sacking him tbh. He seems a genuinely lovely bloke and I'm sad for him, but the owners have to take decisions they think will benefit the club, and we can't go down. Most other clubs in the mire have changed manager, why should Claudio be given an easier ride than Pardew or Phelan, because he won the league? The fact he won it should put him under more scrutiny that we're where we are now. Some might say it's the players fault, and it probably is, we all feel let down by them, but if he can't get them going we have to bring in someone who can. He's been given ample opportunity to drop the poor performers, and even time to buy replacements, nothing happened. So yeah I'm sad for him, but I understand something had to give. Timing is a tad weird though, must have someone lined up. If that showing v Swansea wasn't the final straw, Millwall should have been, so relatively good performance compared to the rest of the season v a good Sevilla shouldn't have been the final straw.
  6. Honestly think Simpson would be a step up from Morgan right now. Not saying he should be given it, but last night he was the only one of the back four trying to organise, shouting at people. Considering he's alongside a premier league winning captain, a three time league winning German international and the former Austrian captain, you'd think he'd be the one being shouted at.
  7. Kasper Simpson Morgan (let's be realistic he won't be dropped) Huth (as above) Fuchs (as above again) Drinkwater Ndidi Mahrez Gray Albrighton Vardy
  8. Did you remember that when we're doing well in the Championship. Stop being a contrary **** and grow up.
  9. We've scored!!!!! We've bloody scored!!!!!! I'm in shock!
  10. That guy who's played two games in 18 months isn't going get more games unless he plays more games. It's getting to the point with Huth and Morgan that we just have to try something different. Theres also the the option of Amartey. I know he's not played there for us, but again, its getting to the point of having to try something.
  11. Cheers Webbo.
  12. Anyone know which Spanish tv station this is on tonight? My sisters out there on holiday and has texted asking.
  13. I'm sticking by my 8-0 prediction.
  14. If he's a proper fan you'd think he'd know what stage of a competition we're at.
  15. True, but we're on about the ad campaign, that ran for years on the basis they gave you a better price and then in the blink of an eye are now declaring time is worth more than money. It might be, but they'll have to be a bit more subtle than just flipping their selling point to the complete opposite.