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  1. Exactly. Obsessed with finishing above Arsenal too, in fact they seem like they'd happily finish 19th if Arsenal finished 20th.
  2. Stuck up arse If you stopped posting the obvious whilst trying to coat it as something intelligent and profound then people (or maybe just me) wouldn't call you out on it.
  3. So basically it's a chance for any of the half decent players left (if they can beat one of the other half decent players that is) to win the thing. Thanks Einstein.
  4. I think he's back around his highest ranking which was 40 something 5 or 6 years ago. Seems to be on one of the better runs of his career, like Evans is, but I still wouldn't expect either of them to beat Murray or Djokovic. Oh and his little brother is a pretty handy player, maybe he's been giving him tips.
  5. Oh dear.
  6. He's not great with 'places' too.
  7. Can't blame Schlupp for the Palace goal. Bad management from Alladyce, he must surely know his fitness level, knew how long since he last played 90 minutes. Classic Jeff though rolling back on the pitch
  8. Yeah said similar earlier. It's a penalty because Walker clearly pushes him, but Sterling slows to let him catch him. He's a weird player, it's like he likes being tackled and impeded, and doesn't want to take advantage of any space he has. Always takes that extra touch, always takes on that extra man. It's weird, almost like he doesn't want to show off his ability and wants to be a nearly man.
  9. I've always hated Spurs.
  10. Gotta love 'Arry's punditry Asked if he'd have Carroll for England, he says no. When pushed why, he says "Wouldn't get in my England team" Cheers 'Arry, most informative.
  11. No your "entertaining" posts are shit, it's the ones where you think you're being informative that are hilarious
  12. Yeah to be fair we're the only ones laughing when you're commenting.
  13. It's a definite penalty. But again it's Sterling not being positive enough. He should just be running away there and slipping the ball past Lloris but he slows down and lets Walker catch him, he was well clear otherwise. It's like he likes the tackle, he likes being challenged rather just taking advantage of the space he has.
  14. Take the joke and having ****ing laugh you melt.
  15. He must get so frustrated trying to put bets on after each match.