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  1. It was relatively funny first time he did it, and when he claimed he'd done it due to being pissed on rum I think we all gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though he'd written every post without a single error. Now it's just annoying, and the rum thing was clearly bollocks as he was posting normally in other threads. Just attention seeking, which is pretty sad on an internet forum full of people you don't know.
  2. Not true, look at Palace against Watford in Saturday
  3. Or an Internet forum poster by their indecipherable ramblings?
  4. He did this before, claimed he was pissed on rum. Probably more likely he's attention seeking.
  5. Think you've got the wrong thread mate. Or have you been on the rum again?
  6. We're being lied too, about everything, and large chunks of us are buying it.
  7. Wymesy said popular members though
  8. Clicking on their profiles it looks like @lavrentis still lurks, he logged in on Sunday, but hasn't posted since September 2016.
  9. Inspector Morse creator Colin Dexter, aged 86.
  10. Not so much in the media, but heard a couple of players use the phrase "Going for the W" rather than "Going for the win" or "The W is all that matters" It takes longer to say "double U" than "win" It's not an abbreviation
  11. Martin McGuiness aged 66.
  12. Sorry for your loss Ken, sounds like it's come as a real shock.
  13. I'm pretty sure I've figured out what's going on, I've PM'ed you to confirm my suspicions
  14. You're only a month late