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  1. The BBC claiming the pound went up because 'There's a chance Brexit won't happen' because she offered a vote on the deal. Talk about toys out of the pram.
  2. I think it is a veiled threat with the intention to make the EU realise that it cannot punish us as it would make them look bad and in reality make us both worse off.
  3. Also, the fact she said she is willing to walk away is encouraging. I assume if the parliament rejects to new deal it will result in no deal and leaving on WTO terms. This will encourage the Tory remainers to toe the government position.
  4. Yes, a lot of depression of the pound was from uncertainty. Also remember that the dollar is likely to fall against other currencies if the US continues to struggle economically.
  5. Very good speech Mrs May, she has outlined pretty much what I voted for. Thank god she isn't trying some half in half out messy arrangement which would be a nightmare to negotiate.
  6. 4-3-3 seemed a far better idea. Don't understand Claudio's idea.
  7. Totally outplayed, the three at back can stay in the dustbin for another season.
  8. Is Musa a competition winner?
  9. Go back to 4-3-3 this isn't working at all. Edit: 2-0
  10. We are going to get hammered if we continue like this
  11. The BBC is totally wrong.
  12. The oatmeal bath was beneficial, relieved a lot of the itching on the body. Will have to look into the food.
  13. I have the anti viral medicine. So hopefully that will mitigate the severity. Fever comes and goes but as you say it is quite nasty.
  14. Unfortunately I have the pleasure of having chicken pox as an adult. Has anyone come across a good way of reducing the itching? I have used calomine but it has only had a minor affect and it says I shouldn't use it on my face.