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  1. Don't throw this away ffs
  2. Oh dear, need to stop the onslaught now preferably with another goal.
  3. That has worked well for Greece. Probably worse for Scotland.
  4. Does Ms Sturgeon understand that if Scotland does become an 'independent' country that it will be out of the EU anyway. Therefore she would have to apply and likely be asked to adopt the Euro. Makes no sense to me but if the Scots want these Nationalist Socialists steering their affairs then let them and see their standard of living depreciate further.
  5. Also we need a Sir John Cowperthwaite to be chancellor.
  6. We and the politicians need to understand that the government can only do so much from the tax base. An honest assessment needs to be done on what we want the government to do and what it can actually adequately fund through taxation. It needs to stop expanding its scope and stop looking to raise any more revenue as I think we have reached peak tax and any more will crush an already weak economy. Our tax system needs a complete rethink as it has become such a complicated mess. I think I heave read somewhere that it has over 10 millions words compared to the 100k or so of Hong Kong's. Then people wonder why loopholes are found.
  7. There is still so much waste, it infuriates me seeing things so as the foreign 'aid' budget be protected.
  8. From what I have read a lot of the above is done a state level anyway. I'm pretty sure that everyone didn't die prior to EPA so I am sure the US can survive with one with its wings clipped.
  9. Well Trumpcare won't pass. Certainly not the 'complete repeal' they claimed.
  10. To be fair to Trump he had no cabinet at the time so I imagine Jeff Sessions has had a thorough look through it to make it bulletproof.
  11. What I would like to see: Elimination of all subsidies, reduction of state spending, elimination/consolidation of government departments. Huge tax reform to simplify it. What we will get: Steady as it goes and a relatively small amount of money to improve 'skilling'. Conclusion - nothing worth reporting on!
  12. I think it is clear that he is facing a lot of resistance from within the civil service and the intelligence agencies. Targeting Flynn who was an outspoken critic of a lot of their activities does seem rather convenient. He should concentrate on his economic and health policies as he is spending far too much political capital on the immigration and beating off the 'Russia did it' claims.
  13. I think that is slightly harsh. He clearly tried to change too quickly at Derby and the players were entrenched in a way of playing which was at odds with that. He knows and commands respect from the majority of this squad. Not sure how he could reconcile with the owners though.
  14. Those states were in their rights to secede but honest Abe didn't like it. Maybe California et al should do the same.....
  15. Jesus christ!!!!