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  1. Those states were in their rights to secede but honest Abe didn't like it. Maybe California et al should do the same.....
  2. Jesus christ!!!!
  3. Morgan is a complete clown. Same old Leicester, start looking relatively competitive and then concede.
  4. I have defended Musa before Christmas but the man really isn't good enough for top flight football.
  5. Intimidated and lacking desire when defending = loss by three goals imo
  6. Set pieces is our only hope but we are usually mediocre at them as well
  7. Hoofing to two dots as per the whole season.
  8. Allowing crosses so easily is pathetic. Don't these morons realise they are never going to play at this stage again?
  9. Decision making still dogshit. Why didn't Musa have a go at the full back then?
  10. Wow what a shit penalty
  11. Another shit clearance leading to this
  12. well lets see if we can make it to the next leg still in the game.
  13. This is a shameful dispray
  15. Chilly has had a shocker
  16. FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Have we tested the keeper yet?
  18. Wague appears to be one and done.
  19. Mendy looks completely out of his depth. What a waste of money he has turned out to be.
  20. Kapy has been none existent since the 30 minute mark, although he was excellent in that half an hour period. Albrighton though?
  21. Super ball by Kapy
  22. Mendy having a mare so far on the ball
  23. So you are going to force developing countries from using one of the cheapest forms of energy? Potentially impoverishing already relatively poor people.