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  1. Awful injury that. Coleman's been class for Everton again this season. Shame.
  2. Won 3-2 away against West Ham and people are arguing with each other. Enjoy the win lads!
  3. Never felt any ill feeling towards the bloke. He's one of the best players in the world in my opinion. You can't hold him back. What a classy guy.
  4. A beautiful, beautiful evening. I was nearly in tears at the end. To think a few season ago we were playing Scunthorpe away at their ground, which was basically a shed. To see our club now, in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League is amazing and unbelievable. We've all had our ups and downs this season, some of us on here may have disagreed and argued over certain things. But tonight, we stood together and we saw one of the greatest moments in our clubs history. Enjoy the evening everyone, lets not wake up from this dream yet.
  5. Gym

    Started going again today. I dropped a significant amount of weight over 3 months last year. My motivation went to sh**, but now i'm picking it up again. Work doesn't help at all, always knackered after work! Going at 6:30 am every morning before work! Wish me luck lads!
  6. Don't worry, the West Standers will whack them with their LCFC seat cushions.
  7. Has he not been done for that sex scandal yet? Blokes fishing for votes.
  8. Still don't think he'd get the job permanently should he keep us up. Just a temporary solution in my opinion.
  9. Just about to start the second series of Love on Netflix. First series was pretty decent.
  10. 80/1 they were at one point to qualify... How many times did PSG shoot themselves in the foot? Awful performance.
  11. Still maintain the belief that Mings was tripping over at the time. Surely the intent shown by Zlatan warrants more than 3 games?
  12. I enjoyed every minute of that second half. After how Arsenal fans were after that loss at the Emirates we suffered last season it was fantastic viewing tonight.
  13. Who is Arsenal fans most favourite Egyptian Pharoah? 2-10khamun.
  14. I watched the new episode and thought it wasn't too bad at all. Think Harris and Reid work really well together.