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  1. I may do. It would mean my current plans are ballsed up though. Contingency plan being prepared.
  2. Indeed it is! I think you may be right regarding boosting chances for lower priority. However I'm just hoping that this doesn't mean my application gets thrown out the window. Otherwise I'll be searching for a plan B!
  3. Likewise. I don't think I'll take them up on the offer. Hopefully this doesn't come back to bite me in the arse though. It would be typical of my luck that my application from EMA is rejected tomorrow saying it's already full haha.
  4. Spot on! Thank you.
  5. Thomas Cook order placed. Now comes the waiting game... If this comes off it'll be worth every penny for avoiding the 9am ticket panic and ensuing website meltdown alone.
  6. That's brilliant! Cheers, promised land. I'll probably end up using Thomas Cook. It seems to be very well organised.
  7. I'm considering a package option for this. I should be safe for tickets (I think?) with two tickets being on 201 and 194. Thomas Cook looks like a safe choice, but I'm skeptical over them not releasing the flight times until near the game time. Do they leave you plenty of time for a skinful before the game? Also, that Sport Options could be a potential avenue. Flight times looks great, but the website looks really unprofessional, and I can't get it out of my head that it's some kind of dodgy scam . Any reviews or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Edit: The wait between landing back on the Thursday morning and the next train is around 3 hours. Does anyone know if there is a shuttle service back to Leicester before then? I guess waiting 3 hours isn't dreadful, but if I could avoid it, that would be great!
  8. No. There's just something in my eye. Thank you, Claudio.
  9. I really hope the names of the players who forced him out get leaked ASAP. It honestly feels like there's been a murder and they've knifed the man who made them. They make me sick. Irrelevant of who they are, and what they did for us last season, I'll never forgive them for this.
  10. I don't think I can quite convey what I'm thinking right now with words without going off on one. I think I summed my thoughts up well with this though.
  11. I can't sum up my thoughts any better than that. This whole fiasco is heartbreaking.
  12. This. All over that.
  13. I was on my way out as the penalty was given, 180 turn on the stairs and back up to see it, then straight out. (Plastic!) First time I've ever left early, so I might try that one again! I just didn't want to be in there at full time, had a feeling the place would have been pretty venomous at full time if we'd have lost. Thankfully we got away with it. As for the game, there was so much wrong there I don't know where to begin. I'm not sure what we can do though, changing the formation to address the problem in the midfield is one thing, but I don't think we have players available right now. That aside however, the lack of effort from some is infuriating. I don't expect much of us, but giving it 100% every game is the minimum. Some serious business required in January. Hoping for a bit more fight in the meantime against Sunderland, but I must admit I'm not overly confident.
  14. Deeply saddening news. I'm a fan of Inspiral Carpets, and on the occasions I met Craig he was very nice chap. He had a wealth of knowledge about the Manchester music scene, and his Manchester Music Tours were absolutely brilliant. Massive loss for music, but more importantly devastating for his family. 44 is no age.
  15. Yes. There's 5 of us there.