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  1. Any chance of a pav bhaji recipe? Can't get enough of that stuff!
  2. I enjoyed it that much I read his book the other evening. It's well worth a read if you get a spare few hours.
  3. The bit at the end when it tells you about his brother nearly killed me!
  4. What a shambles!
  5. How noble of him to not go on strike for £30,000 a week! The people's hero!
  6. Saw Lion and Hawksaw Ridge yesterday and highly recommend both. I'm emotionally retarded but the end of both films, in particular Lion, got my eyes watering.
  7. Agreed. It was borderline cheating. When you've got to put up with such bias then there's got to be a review available.
  8. Umpire Shamshuddin won that game for India no question about it. England on the wrong end of all the decisions.
  9. Anyone else watching the T20? I suspect umpire Shamshuddin is playing for his IPL contract. On a serious note, the ICC have to introduce a review when there are two home umpires. His decision for the Kohli LBW was simply bias. Edit: Another poor decision by umpire Shamshuddin! Your brown envelope and IPL contract will be in the post.
  10. Looks like the kid who's trying not to chuckle in the school assembly during the minute's silence.
  11. Yes, then you could have signed Mahrez and made him your butler! I bet he make a mean cup of tea and cucumber sandwiches.
  12. You're also forgetting those tongue-twisters like Cook, Woakes, Wood, Anderson, Broad and Finn
  13. Da Joos did it!
  14. I normally quite enjoy reading Henry Winter's articles, but he sounds like a drooling sycophant.
  15. Great fightback by Brighton. A goal and an assist for Knockaert.