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  1. My time in Seville was quite uneventful other than... - 5 Pm day of match...fall of table I am standing on whilst singing outside O Neills...heads makes contact with corner of table - 5.01 crack head open.. Blood pours out...scar wide enough that skull was showing - so pissed that I kept insisting to everybody that was forcing me over to the ambulance, that it was nothing other than a little scratch - Head bandaged but thought it would be a good idea to take the bandage off on approach to the stadium 30 mins later - refused entry to the stadium until I was seen by first aid medics - wheeled around on a wheelchair the whole of the stadium ground floor level ( in front of all the Seville fans) with blood still pouring from my wound down my face and onto my Leicester top - "Axe wound" bandaged up with butterfly strips....I STILL drunkingly think that it is nothing more than a scratch. - Match starts and I still spend 10 minutes arguing with the stewards that some Seville official had taken my ticket at the entrance. - discover ticket in rucksack ....DOHHHH - watch match....why was there 44 players on the pitch ? - leave on Thursday...plane delayed from Malaga by one hour meaning that..... - .....I miss the connecting 4.30 flight in Brussels - catch the next flight ....AT 9.30 !! - pay £7 excess for overstaying my car parking. - realise when I saw a photo of the actual wound that I was lucky not to lose an eye or suffer concussion. Lesson....DONT DRINK SO MUCH !!
  2. I am after 10 for the CL final in Cardiff 😂😂
  3. Ahhh... bringing back misty-eyed memories when I was growing up in Belfast in the 70's and 80's
  4. " a few City fans".... only approximately 9000 Leicester fans here already most in the same situation. But good luck mate anyways
  5. O neills bar Calle Adriano
  6. I did the Malaga to Seville "quick" train yesterday and it was 2 hours 15 mins...the slow one is 3 hours 😲
  7. Ezzzz Crazeeee but izz true !
  8. We were having a sing song in the bar opposite the ground. Where abouts are those fans
  9. I am at the stadium now and Leicester fans who unsuccessfully tried to buy them... funnily enough a French couple got tickets but as soon as you show your British passport then you are refused.
  10. Just confirmed ... some Leicester fans tried to buy tickets and were asked for Spanish identification so no go, and tickets and not on sale tomorrow.
  11. I have heard you need some sort of Spanish identification to buy a ticket if they suspect you are English
  12. I am there aswell matey....La Comilona bar
  13. and I can see why you are doing that but I am.not a scammer and the Forum administrators have agreed with me.
  14. I understand what you are saying but I am not a tout making profit on other peoples desperation. Email the forum administrators and let them make the decision.
  15. €150 or as close to that as the final purchaser will pay.