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  1. Can't say...I would suspect members...silver members...UEFA (grr) who get a chance to buy tickets in that order ...maybe a couple of thousand remaining, and you have as much chance as anyone else on the internet if they go on general would need to be on the internet at 9am when the ticket sales open because they wil sell out in no time imo.
  2. You will just need to be on at 9am uk time on Friday April 7th like the rest of us. Thats when they go on general sale if there any left.
  3. Thought my €220 via a tickets events company was expensive, but then again you will be eating lobster thermidor and drinking the best Rioja before the match
  4. Please God let it get to Gold members....if it does I am queuing outside the KP the night before
  5. Go Larne Stranraer know you'd love a good 12 hour trip...??
  6. Guys...I'd like to join this Paddy fest....I'm from Armagh originally...but lived in Belfast before I moved over to Leicester in 1987. Where are you from Foylefox and Irishfoxkev ?
  7. Normally I would say more chance of me growing hair back on my shiny bald head...BUT... then again the away Madrid match will cost a bomb, so has the home match and people may have paid money for Easter holidays as well....
  8. Back of the queue mate... I am selling my liver
  9. Start a "Billy no mates group" thread like I did when I travel alone to Porto. Loads of people joined it.. seriously !
  10. Show off...?? (the price)
  11. Anyone else on the following flights..leaving Gatwick Monday 10th at 5:40 p.m. returning from Madrid on Thursday 13th at 7 a.m. ?
  12. I hired an Airbnb room by myself in Porto and Seville as my mates arrived a day after me. Porto was £20 a night Seville £25. Three of us have rented a full apartment in central Madrid for £120 a night !! Dilly ding dilly dong.
  13. I bought 3 Seville away tickets through them and they delivered them when they said they would, and we got into the ground no problem. It was a bit nerve wracking trusting them for the first time but they came through and they are legit.
  14. So why would there be only 66,000 tickets? Makes sense now...Just re-read your post
  15. Is n't the capacity for the millennium Stadium 74,000?